Saturday, October 31, 2009

Raven's Challenge 87

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be:plumber, autograph, Florence Nightengale, a chill wind’s a blowing, watering hole, sleek, triplets, backwards, surface tension, parrot
And for the mini: Free estimates,French fries, carpet, Braille, silver-tongued bandit

A Mega Challenge
Death Parrot

Florence Nightengale was a plumber
Who drove a very sleek Hummer
Her free estimates were never right
Which lead to many a terrible fight
She was called “ The Silver Tongued Bandit
for that Fr ench Fries Jackson gets the credit
Of the Tumbling Triplets he was just one
Held the carpet till the others were done
a chill wind’s a blowing” his parrot said
The one they called “ Watering Hole Fred”
The same words backwards he could say
Or “autograph my Braille book today”
But still on the surface tension grew
Till through the air the bullets flew
Florence Nightengale now lay dead
“Blowing a wind’s chill a” said Fred.

The Ten Word Challenge
The Story of Heroic Maram

This week we are going to share with you a dragon story. It is the kind of story we tell little dragons.At the watering hole, in the early evening, when a chill wind ‘s a blowing and breaking the surface tension causing little waves to break on the shore. As we stand and shiver together it is the task of the Storyteller to parrot back the stories passed on to her or him from the generations past. This is such a story.
When the great plumber plague hit that wiped out one third of all the dragons in the world one great figure rose up in service to us all. She was our equivalent of the human Florence Nightengale. Her name was Mapam, an odd name for a dragon as it reads the same both forwards and backwards. She was one of triplets that emerged from the same egg , a very rare occurrence, in the world of dragons.
When the plague came it was the custom to leave the sick dragons in the cave and get as far away as possible. Thus many dragons went to parts of the earth where no dragon had ever been seen before.
Those left in the caves with none to bring them food or water usually died. But sleek young Mapam found this unacceptable. At that time she was singing with the Very High Flyers the most popular group of the time. She was famous , had many fans, and often signed autographs in fire.
But she left all that and began a ministry of love to those in the caves. Every day she brought them water and food, and such herbs as were thought to help. If they died she performed the ritual burning so their soul could go to the One Creator.
Other dragons said she was insane. They said she would get the plague and die. Every day more caves were added and the work got harder. But she continued. These were fellow dragons she said . They deserve to be cared for.
But then one day she got the plague. But in her pain she tried to keep going. The hearts of some other dragons melted and the Maram Corp was born to carry on her work.
When she died it is said that the One Creator Himself lit the sending flame.


  1. What a wonderful piece of Dragon folklore - I adored it!

    Don't ask me how Fandango but I have used a completely different set of words to everyone else! :(

  2. Your poem this week was ingenious - I love how you incorporated the words into names. I found the story of Mapam quite moving - it seems that compassion can touch the hearts of all species, something we ouwld do well to remember. I love reading the dragon history stories.

  3. What a wonderful bit of Dragon history!

  4. How lovely! What a great story, Fandango! We are so privileged to have you share dragon lore with us.

  5. I enjoyed your stories, and gaining so Dragon history.

  6. Your wonderful poem made me chuckle and Mapam's noble story was inspiring. Nicely done.

  7. Well done as usual...
    I love the ending of the dragon story: "When she died it is said that the One Creator Himself lit the sending flame." (I've been lighting candles on a number of human graves today...)