Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Awards

We were gone for a bit visiting our good friend Luke in Green Bay. He has a nice Lego castle he lets us play in.
But we are back and we are so very happy. We are dancing around the office. We did knock over a few things but given our great news nobody should care.
We have gotten three , count them, three more awards.

Aren't they beautiful. We love each one.
They came from the Great and Noble Thom who gives good things to dragons.
Of course we deserve them. Our blog is inspirational. And we really have the heart of the dragon. We are even as nice as butterflies.
How could one help but give them to us.
Brest of all there are no conditions.
We don't have to tell you eight ways to cook a banana or any other crazy thing.
Isn't that wonderful.
We don't have to give them to anybody else. So we can keep them just for us.
Again we want to thank all those who did a little tiny bit in getting us these awards.
The faeries deserve special note because their magic has kept Dr. John from heaving us out.
WE don't think he will be happy. But that is not important because we are.
What a wonderful world.



  1. Oh Fandango. I'm glad you had a great time in Green Bay in Luke's Lego castle. I am also glad you enjoy the awards and are displaying the Dragon Heart one up top. WOOT. Yes Dr. John makes it clearly known his thoughts on these awards. I wonder if I should keep giving them to him so we have some fodder to talk about when he tells us yet again that he doesn't like them. Ya think? Great acceptance speech :)

  2. Oh, those awards look very good on you. Thom is a very special dragon friend.

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  3. Hey! You dragons are getting all the awards out there just for you... do not get ambitious! How are you going to share these?

  4. Oh, dragons, Dr. John won't have to toss you out if you keep winning awards. Your heads will get so big you can't stay in -- and no amount of fairy magic can cure that!

  5. WOW more awards - lucky dragons! :)