Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally the Award

It has been a long day. We had to read eighteen entries. That's a lot of reading.
Then we started the process of picking a winner.
First we had to agree on criteria . We wanted them to be readable, enjoyable, we wanted the words to be part of the story not add ons, and given the high quality of our writers they were all that to one degree or another.
Carlos , the youngest dragon, wanted to give the award to a nine year old. He says if you take into account his age he is as good as any of the others and he's new.
But the others didn't listen and narrowed it down to two blogs. Both had won before. One seems to be writing a book and his writing is good enough to be found in one. The other did a magnificent job of writing three stories plus and pulling them all together.It was very hard choosing between them but this week's winner of the


Richard-Mister Richard’s Blogerhood

Congratulations Richard on your second award and on a day with so many writers.
Please note we got the date right this time.

DRagon Award # 7

It is Saturday already and we have to be out reading all those wonderful stories.
Today we give out our seventh dragon award. Here is our gallery of winners.

The rules are simple.
You have to write a wordzzle and list on Raven's linksy by 6:00 Eastern Time.

Who will be the seventh one ?

Seven is supposed to be lucky so today we will be extra careful.
Perhaps we will get our first repeat.
You know we dragons write great stories too.
No! We are not humble.
Here is our mega challenge for today.

In my imagination I saw leaping over the partition the legendary highway serial killer known as the green power panther from which there is no salvation but I was safe in the poets corner with cartography book, cell phone and Big Mac nearby as I put my autograph on copy after copy of my book “ Mirror Image of Roasting Marshmallows“.

And our ten word challenge.

Never again would she be one of those caught roasting marshmallows over an open fire. No, she had in her hands the map the cartography department had made special for her showing all the areas that Global Warming was already destroying. Henry Ford had killed more people with his automobile than any serial killer and may destroy the planet but green power would undo all that. Green power Priscilla Autograph shouted at her mirror image on the partition wall. Green power will be our salvation from the highway curse. So over and over she practices screaming GREEN POWER for tonight’s rally.

Scroll down and see what we did with Quilly's words while your here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is time for a Quilly Story so each dragon has written a one sentence story using Quilly’s three words for the day which are :bacchante, queachy & jibber.

The teterrimous jibber jabber of the other drinkers gave the opprobrious bacchante a queachy feeling which she couldn’t shake.

The poor jibber was ridden by a nasty bacchante who paid no attention to its safety on the queachy ground but rode him full speed ahead.

The ground was still both hitonious and queachy so the bacchante decided that to
jibber was better than rushing ahead so she had another drink and then another.

In a quondam time he had been a free horse but now he was just another jibber belonging to a bacchante who when she passed out drunk expected him to take her home over the queachy sands.

He could jibber jabber if he wanted but his rich aunt the Bacchante still would expect
him and that gave him a queachy feeling in his stomach, that would not go away.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well after you removed the false starts and Dr. John and Betty there were eleven wordzzles for us to read today. There were old faithful and some new people. As an honest dragon I have to say that we enjoyed them all.
After much discussion we narrowed our choices down to four. We then read these four out loud.
Three of them were previous winners, talent will out. Of those one seems to be writing a book, one gave us a story with a little theology and a very interesting character in it, and one gave us three stories but they flowed together nicely. The other one was by a total newcomer. His was most unusual . First his three stories made one story ( now that's not unusual) but then one of the three stories was just a sentence and that's not common, and finally he not only used all of Raven's impossible words but every one of Quilly's as well. The whole thing made sense.
We are not sure we would like to see that every week. We could get really tired of Quilly's words but today it was fresh and new.
After much discussion we finally choose for this week's wordzzle award

Congratulations Thom. Next week we will add you to our winners gallery.

Another day another Wordzzle

A new day and we dragons are going out reading magic blogs of wordzzles.
It is hard to believe but we have now awarded five wordzzle of the week awards.
It has been such fun.
So much good writing.

Who will fill the sixth spot.
The rules are simple.
You have to write a wordzzle and list on Raven's linksy by 6:00 Eastern Time.
You could be number six . Good luck.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quilly Stories

It is time for a Quilly Story so each dragon has written a one sentence story using Quilly’s three words for the day which are :sternutation; zoilist; anopisthograph
( Click on the blue words for defenitions)

The priceless anopisthograph was ruined by the old zoilist who ran the office when his sternutation caused the ink to run but he fired the employee for not protecting it.

If you are afraid of the office zoilist then use a sternutation screen when working on priceless anopisthographs.

According to the information on the anopisthograph that she was examining more lives were ruined by excessive sternutaion than the criticisms of the very worst zoilist.

You could have turned to the blank side of the anopisthograph before that terrible sternutaion the opprobrious office zoilist said ,using the very worst casuistry, to his quondam employee.

The hitonious , or should we say teterrimous , zoilist with the terrible sternutaion was fired for his behavior in the incident with the anopisthograph and all agreed that nothing could be more mellifluous to the ear than the news that he was gone.

You will notice there is no quivel . Dragons quibble but they never quivel.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day of Terror

A Picture Story from Jeff's Portrait of Words

He was standing on the corner waiting for the number 012 bus ,which was late as usual. I knew when I saw him that he was suffering.
I’m a dragon and we can see things like that. Despite his fake smile and his image of the happy go lucky young man he was hurting. No amount of fancy necklaces or fancy hats , if you can call a fedora fancy, can hide inner pain. He was hurting.
So I followed him onto the bus. Being invisible, as I sometimes am, has its perks and following people is one of them. He sat down next to a sweet little old lady who immediately got up and moved to another seat. He must have scared her. It was too bad she moved because he could have used some sweet old lady talk to make him feel better. You know, like an on bus mother.
He was so sad that I tried looking into his mind. Sometimes we dragons can do that but I’m not as good as the others.
I kept seeing a bucket of rusty screws and somebody pulled them out one by one and the bucket screamed. I can see these things but I can’t always interpret them.
Like the time I looked into the ladies mind and saw a lama running down the hill. I never would have guessed she was planning a trip to Latin America but she was.
I felt sure he wasn’t planning a trip to a bucket of bolts but it had to have some meaning. Perhaps, he wanted to be a carpenter but part of him didn’t. That could make you sad.
We got off at the First and Lexington stop, you know the one across from the bowling alley with that stupid two story bowling pin out in front. I think that is such an affront to sensitive eyes. But I digress.
My young man stood there on the corner for a long time. His look of sadness turned to one of sheer terror. He didn’t know I was there to protect him. I am very good at protecting you know. Very good!
Now he moved very very slowly toward the bowling alley. I wondered if there was something going on there. It could be a gang of some kind that ordered him to come here and threatened his mother if he didn’t. But the gang wouldn’t have known I would protect him.
But he walked past the bowling alley and entered the fancy new office building next door. He seemed so out of place in that sparkling clean lobby. He took the elevator to the third floor. I, of course , rode up with him. If I had been my material self I never would have fit in that elevator.
Now his hands were shaking. His look of sheer terror increased. But I was there to protect him.
He opened a door and entered. Perhaps, this was his drug connection. He was there to report he lost the last shipment. They would then kill him. But I wouldn’t let them
A nice lady was sitting at the desk. She said, “Have a seat the dentist will see you shortly”.
Now it all made sense. Now I understood the rusty screws.
A Dragon story. Copyright whenever. Portions of this story may not be used for any other purpose than telling the dragon what a great writer he is.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nine valid entries today. The choice was very hard. We used a different system. We read the stories out loud in groups of two and kept the one we thought best.
We continued that process until we had four blogs left. Then each dragon took a blog and read the entry out loud telling the others what he or she thought was best about that blog entry.

Then we voted.
After several rounds of voting we finally picked the best wordzzle this week.

It has humor, a suprise ending, and did all three challenges. It also made good use of pictures.

And the winner of this week's dragon award is.

Congratulations Akelamalu.
Thank you to Dr. John's grandsons for helping us poor dragons with the judging.


I, Fandango mightest of the little dragons welcomes you to our own blog.
Sorry we don't write wordzzles we judge them.
Dr. John got us all upset when we made one little mistake last week . He moved us from the fireplace mantle ( a place of honor) to the top of a kitchen cabinet. So we got the date on the award wrong twice . It could happen to anybody.
The punishment was just unfair.
So we are no longer asking for time on his third rate blog. We leave him to his crummy quivels.
We will award the wordzzle of the week award here.
He still can't get one because he just doesn't write well enough. Besides we still live in his house and we have to shy away from the appearance of favoritism. Then there is that horrible ballad of St. Urho he is running on Monday. That is no way to treat dragons.
Here is the award we will award today. Notice the date is right.

It will go to the person who writes the best wordzzle and who is listed in Raven's linksy by 6:00 Eastern time.
We will judge on the story content, use of the words, originality and whatever it is that excites us as dragons. Come back after 6:00 to see who won.