Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Imaginary Story

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

An Imaginary Story

The mother dragon gathered her three little dragons around her and began to read them a story from " Gram's Imaginary Tales" Tonight my little dragons I am reading the story of the dragon and the troll" she said.
And so it began:
Once upon a time in a land called Cornwall there was a nice little village. Every house in the village looked like this.
And a street looked like this
Which meant that a human coming home late at night having had a few to drink had trouble telling where he lived. But that's another story.
The village of course had a beautiful old church.
Which had a cemetery.
It was your typical Cornish village. It even had a temple left over from the days of the Romans.
One day Kitto the Cornish dragon was flying over when he noticed the beautiful bridge over the town's watercourse.
Kitto liked old bridges so he flew down to walk across it . But before he could he was stopped by a smiling troll. The Troll said " To pass over this bridge you must pay a toll"
Kitto responded," I never pay tolls on bridges because I can fly over and besides your a mythical being and don't really exist. "
The troll said" Well! Your a mythical creature and you don't exist either."
With that exchange reality hit and they both vanished forever.
"End of story" The mother dragon said. Closing the book.
" Oh! " said the little ones. " Does that mean we are mythical and will cease to exist?"
" Of course not little ones" the mother said." It's only a make believe story. Just an imaginary story"


  1. Oh Fandango...you sly Dragon you. Very very clever. Listen my friend, I'm pulling for you with Dr. John, who seemed a bit cranky in this post...be nice to him...SHARE the computer...and what ever you do, don't leave dragon marks all over. Love your story...Is it live or is it memorex?

  2. Clever ending! I'm glad the little dragons survived the reality-hit LOL but it does leave plenty food for thought and puzzling...

    Love that Cornwall 'street' too!

  3. Of course fairy or in this case troll stories are imaginary. They are aren't they?

    Dragons of course are real. :)

  4. you dragons are so amazing!! i love reading your stories!!

  5. All things are possible if you believe. Wonderful story.