Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Award

We have received our first award. Isn't that wonderful.
We don't know what it means but we know we deserve it. Who could deserve it more than us.
Now we need to list ten things about us.
1. We dragons are smarter than humans.
2. We can fly farther than the biggest bird.
3. We can become invisible.
4. Some of us are shape shifters.
5.We are very old.
6. We come from eggs.
7. We don't like Phrog.
8. We don't get the flue but do get Topaz fever
9. We have our own Secret Society
10. We no longer eat humans as tasty as they are.

Then we are supposed to pass this wonderful award on to seven deserving blogs. here they are:


  1. congratulations, you dragons are worthy of many more rewards, especially for not eating humans!!

  2. Congrats my friend. Do you know I don't think I have ever given you an award...dang it. I think I'm going to have to rectify that soon :)

  3. Congrats on receiving your first award Fandango. May you always receive only those awards which are truly worthy of you.

  4. Dragons, that was one of your best ever poems! It conjured a series of really lovely images and ended with an uplifting tone.

    I can certainly get behind any religeon that has coffee as its ceremonial drink. Actually, your description of the method of its making must mean that somebody is smuggling some of it out to be sold in our staff restaurant. I'd check your stocks, if I were you, dragons.

    Congratulations on the award, by the way.

  5. Congrats on your award and thank you for sharing more dragon history. It is always interesting. I liked your poem. It made me think that someone should write a book called Pinocchio's Ghost. Isn't that a great title?

  6. FINALLY! Someone who actually DESERVES an internet award! Of course you do dragons! Of COURSE you do!!! You are actually some of the SCRAPPIEST dragons I've ever met! What a perfect award... just for YOU!

  7. That's a good award for you. Very fitting. :)