Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raven's Challenge 85

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: early morning light, Pinocchio, mist, leaves, sandy, coffee, walking, traffic, pray, stomach
And for the mini: train, art, admirable, cotton, fluffy

A Mega Challenge

In Chase of Ghosts

In the early morning light
When the mist is just right
Where no traffic can run
In a place that most will shun
And the air feels like fluffy cotton
Along a sandy beach long forgotten
One leaves the coffee behind
And goes looking to find
The ghost of Pinocchio walking
And if you listen well, talking
And your stomach grabs up tight
While you pray to end your fright
It’s admirable that you stay
And do not hasten away
That too is an ancient art
You train to do your part
For soon the mist and ghost are gone
Gone with the morning dawn.

The Ten Word Challenge
The Dragon High Priest

It is time to share with you a little more about us dragons. Just do not share this information with Phrog.
The High Priest who is the head of our religion is named Pinocchio. No matter what his name was before, he becomes Pinocchio upon becoming the high priest. There have been in our recorded history twelve High Priests. There were probably more but the others are lost in the mist of time before recording began.
Every day in the early morning light the High Priest brings the ceremonial cup of coffee to the altar ,walking not flying into the temple. There he will pray to the Great Creator that no Air Traffic Controller will see a dragon on his or her radar screen. He then drinks the ceremonial cup and leaves the altar. It is said that the reason we have gone through so many High Priests is because the ceremonial coffee is hard on the stomach.
The coffee is made by soaking sandy coffee beans in turpentine and then setting them on fire. The ash is placed in a filter and hot water is passed over it producing the ceremonial coffee. So it has been for thousands of years. So it will continue to be. May Pinocchio be blessed and bless forever.


  1. soak in turpentine? Pinocchio better have a cast iron stomach. Well done Fandango :)

  2. Fandango -- you will likely earn favored status if you take Pinocchio a wonderful human heartburn/sour stomach remedy called Gaviscon. Of course, you will first want to make certain that it is safe for dragons to ingest it -- but I am thinking that if Pinocchio can live after drinking that coffee, an little antiacid isn't going to cause him much harm.

  3. Poor Pinocchio. I'm glad I drink regular coffee and not at all blessed with special stuff.

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  4. It's always a treat to learn more about the dragons. And an early morning walk in the mist can indeed be a stomach-clenching affair!

  5. who gets stuck sniffing the turpentine soaked burning beans? that would leave me with a tummy ache, i think the other just a little dizzy oh and i promise not to tel phrog