Saturday, October 24, 2009

Raven's Challenge 86

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Incensed, sidewinder, bogus, conniption, Haz-mat, conniving, customize, perforated, zeal, rolling off a log
And for the mini: abstemious, chlorophyll, origami, cheerleader, dung beetle

A Mega Challenge
Saving the Dung Beetle

The poor city Haz-mat team
Was pushed to the extreme
Dung Beetle needed to be saved
From the conniving and depraved
Who perforated the ground
Where it was usually found
Incensed the ecological crowd
Screamed this couldn’t be allowed
With zeal they lead the fight
To make everything be right
Like cheerleaders they shouted out
They had great political clout
With origami beetles filled city hall
In the fight whatever befall
The Mayor a conniption had
Drove him stark raving mad
No bogus anger his reply
“Let the Dung Beetles die
They smell like rotting things
Rotting things with wings”
“Chlorophyll can fix the smell
Save the planet . Let them dwell
Customize the city reply
They all don‘t have to die
Don‘t fire a sidewinder
You can be much kinder
Abstemious destruction of the bug
Better than acting like a thug
Like rolling off a log you see
The best answer for you and me ”’

The Ten Word Challenge
The Dragon’s History Book– Chapter One

At the dawn of time as dragon’s know it the world was perfect. We needed no Has-Mat teams as there was no hazardous waste.
History was saved as stories ,told by the Storyteller Dragon to the little dragons, as there were no humans to write things down.
These stories were treated as sacred truth and no bogus stories were allowed. You might think that becoming a Storyteller would be as easy as rolling off a log but it was not. It required many years of instruction to sure they got the stories right. They also had to demonstrate a zeal for the sacred truth given to us in stories by the One Creator.
But it came to pass that there arose Sidewinder who had been a Storyteller but was thrown out because of his conniving to customize the sacred texts to fit his generation of dragons. The GSAAS ( Great Storyteller Above All Storytellers was incensed and almost had a conniption fit when heard what Sidewinder was doing. He called the High Dragon Council together and they order Sidewinder’s death by perforation.
But before he could be perforated he formed “ The Reform Dragon Group” . It was made up of people like himself who believed in their hearts that the truth needed to be set free.
Eventually this lead to the Great Dragon War. The only war where dragon killed dragon. The reform movement was crushed. But there were those who told the story of the war and one day it was added to the official stories. And thus Sidewinder became our first Great Martyr.


  1. Kill all the dung beetles off and the next thing you know we'll all be up to our elbows in shameful I can't believe Sidewinder took his rebellion so far that dragons went to war against dragons. :(

  2. death by perforation...what a way to go. Wonderful Fandango. Let the truth be told :)

  3. I can just about write a story using Raven's words but to write a poem like you have done is beyond me. Well played.

    I love reading dragon folklore, it's so interesting. Now I know about your first martyr, Sidewinder.

  4. Love the dung beetle poem and continue to enjoy learning about the fascinating dragon history. You are - I don't mean this as an insult - very much like humans in some ways.

  5. Fandango, I'm confused.
    Premise: it is good to remember the great stories
    Premise: it is good to tell the truth
    Fact: But it came to pass that there arose Sidewinder who had been a Storyteller but was thrown out because of his conniving to customize the sacred texts to fit his generation of dragons.
    Fact: So was what Sidewinder was doing actually telling truth vs. what the dragons had traditionally told?

    I really want to understand this because right now it's making my brain hurt...but great writing!

  6. I stand in awe as usual... of both poetry and storytelling...

  7. Excellent bit of Dragon history!

  8. Yeah - excellent history. Do you still have Dragon storytellers?

  9. I did comment....
    I remember because Quilly was the only one ahead of me!!!
    You are now the THIRD 55er to say that my comment was not published..
    Sorry for any conniptions that may have been caused by this...
    I'm a victom of circumstance!!
    I LOVED your 55 BTW...I really did comment!