Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mean Widdle Kid

Hi there.

My names is Mellisa Ann and I'm not a mean widdle kid. This is my brudder
We don't neeed him but my swilly parents got upset when I said throw him away.
They called me a mean widdle kid. But I ain't.
Ask my dragon friends. I solve problems for them.
It seems they had this special place called a Shine or Spine or Shrine. It was hidden in a dark scary area.

But inside they tell me there were real rainboows.Yes rainoows and special light.
But this evil Phrog went to war to take it away from them. Bad phrog. The bad phrog even had magic for his evil. But so did my good dragons. They were ready to fight. Yes they were.
But then , one night the Evil Phrog and his minnuews snuck away. I think in this.

The evil Phrog moved to here

But we aren't supposs to know that . Then they announce that they WON.
This made Fandingo mad. He wanted his magicians to turn Phrog into a rock. But I said. You guys got the shine . If losing means its yours be happy and end the war. He was and he did.
See I'm a good widdle kid. I end wars.
But I still think we shouuld lose the brudder.


  1. Awww Fandango has a soft spot for a widdle kid. LOL. Love it. Too funny about her losing the brother. Well done Fandango. :) Thanks for playing along :) Aloha

  2. I think the brother looks like a mean widdle kid. Give him a test to see if he'll help the dragons. If he won't then I say help the sister be rid of him -- send him to Phrog!

  3. What's the loss of one brother if all of the wars can stop.

  4. Yes she IS a good widdle kid! That is too funny--I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor brother however; I'm thinking it's only the chair and the pose making him look like an evil mastermind! He's a cute enough kid without it, the poor guy. LOL

  5. Brudders can be a pain in the proverbial sometimes, I agree. LOL

  6. very well written, what a nice little girl, you didn't eat her did you?