Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raven's Challenge 83

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: family, cheese cake, 20 years ago, refrigerator, laugh and the world laughs with you, bath brush, zombies, African violets, butterflies, holding hands
And for the mini: monsters in the closet, roughly, bowling, menu, Pennsylvania

A Mega Challenge

A Really Bad Game

Laugh and the world laughs with you
Is a saying that’s not true
For there are monsters in the closet
Zombies with cheese cake to deposit
Holding hands with family butterflies
In Pennsylvania lies and lies
Holding hands of evil cards
Taking money from retards.
African Violets growing still
Roughly reminding of the thrill
Bowling balls in refrigerators
No match for the terminators.
20 years ago you played the game
Things have never been the same
No bath brush can make you clean
After all that you have seen
On the menu for today
Laughs are called for any way.

The Ten Word Challenge
Dragon Humor

Laugh and the world laughs with you” does not apply to dragons. The dragon family has its own sense of humor and what we find funny you may not. For example if we picture Phrog in a butterflies tutu holding hands with zombies that makes us laugh. But then any picture with a zombie in it makes us laugh. And our idea of what is funny keeps changing. Twenty years ago a bath brush on a cheese cake in a refrigerator would have had us rolling on the ground in laughter but today it wouldn’t even rate a snicker. The big thing today is potted African Violets on hats. We saw a human with one of those hats last week and we almost died laughing. You humans have such a strange sense of humor. You laugh at people being hit in the head or poked in the eye and that isn’t funny to a dragon.


  1. You dragons must have seen me in my hat. I was wondering who was laughing.

  2. You dragons are strange creatuers.
    But then again, so are we humans...

  3. I must have dragon blood -- I've never liked slapstick like the 3 stooges. I leave the room when the guys in this house are watching it. I much prefer the Marx brothers, except that Karl. He was a bit 'off'.

  4. I think you dragons can be as odd as us humans sometimes. But ya sure do write well :)

  5. We humans do delight in others' misfortune for some reason and I'm ashamed to say I have laughed at poeple getting hit in the head - but only if I know it's not for real. Mind you, Phrog in a tutu, now THAT's funny!

  6. Phrog in a tutu would be funny. Loved your poem and I'm very much agree about people hitting each other not being funny to me. Nice work as always, dragons.

  7. Just goes to show, humor is in the eye of the beholder.

  8. The poem was interesting, and made me think a bit. I enjoyed reading it, and went over it a few times, taking it in. I liked the story, too. I'm glad that dragons have a sense of humor, and fairly non-violent humor, too. I'm not sure I really feel a lot safer, though, as they do like to eat things.

    I'm afraid I like splapstick to some extent, especially the old Looney Toons cartoons. I also like some of it with live actors, as long as it's not too violent. Stuff that would seriously hurt someone if done in real life makes me uncomfortable. Some of it, like falling down stairs or through a floor, I can accept, because it's possible for something like that to happen and the person to be lucky and just be a little roughed up. If it gets much beyond that, though, I have to suspend belief so much that it's hard to really enjoy it, and I tend to just see it as actors doing a scene.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA