Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quilly's Words no 34

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
The 3WT #34 words will be: suffarcinate; spiscious; & tristifical.
Suffarcinate-to load up, to stuff
spiscious-adj. of a thick consistancy
tristifical-adj. causing to be gloomy or grievous

He suffarcinated the test tube with the suspicious spiscious liquid which caused tristifical wailings in those who touched it.

If you suffiarcinate your schedule you will find yourself crying spiscious tristifical tears.

The dragon knew that if he was to suffarcinate his stomach with a very spiscious soup it would lead to tristifical wailing caused by his stomach pain but he did so anyway.

The spiscious headed old man thought he could suffarcinate Quilly’s words but his attempt lead to a tristifical story that made everybody cry.

He would soon suffarcinate his pipe with a spiscious tobacco the tristifical odor of which brought tears to the eyes of those around him.

Quilly’s words are just plain fun so suffarcinate your word processor with them. They are good for all but the spiscious headed. they are not tristifiical words that cause great wailing. But instead are both mellifluous and isangelous words. You will know when you use them.

Quilly's words and definitions can be found HERE.


  1. Is it Thursday already? Geeze I should be in Nevada already and I'm sitting here in Honolulu still :) I love number 4 :)

  2. Hello, Fandango -- you are a day early. This is Wednesday! Even so, you're stories are as wonderful as ever! (And I've smelled the pipe in that last one -- whew!)

    Maybe, since you did your post a day early, more people will see the words and realize they have time to write a story and get it posted -- right?

  3. Oh, no, so much coughing and crying today, but good use of words.

    Wordless Wednesday - Now That's Scary

  4. Another fine selection. I enjoyed the middle one best, I think.

  5. You dragons -- I think blogging is going to your heads! Especially the awards!

    But, you do use these difficult words creatively! I like the first best. With the typo, liquid becomes liguid, which actually sounds like a new spiscious substance so it works GREAT!

  6. Impossible to pick a favourite in this group; they're all wonderful! LOL at "but he did so anyway" and I'm madly curious about the contents of that test tube---well done Dragons!!

  7. I so wish you'd teach Amoeba about #2. He is killing himself!

    And, I fixed the confusion with Mr. Linky. Everybody should be able to find you without confusing detours!