Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Award

WE dragons are so proud. We have received another wonderful award. This one from that very special blogger , Thom. He knows quality when he sees it. He gave us this award.

We. of course, deserve it. There is no more honest blog than ours. It is not just honest it is super honest. ( Except for Henry)
We want to thank all of our relatives that have worked so hard to keep us honest.
We want to thank blogger because it is free and we are thrifty ( tight)
We want to thank the wonderful Dr. John for letting us use his computer ( Sorry about the scorch marks and the spilled can of soda)
Thanks to all the little people who made this possible.( Fairies , gnomes, and elfs)
We want to thank Bill who gave the award to Thom.
We want to thank that farmer who didn't see us swipe that cow thus keeping us technically honest.


  1. Congratulations to the dragons. Glad to see your reputation spreading!

  2. congratulations again!! you sweet dragons deserve so many things in life and i for one am glad to see you are so appreciated, sometimes i think you are just misunderstood.
    i love dragons very much and i am grateful to have the privilege of knowing such honest dragons.

  3. Atta boy Fandango. I'm sure Dr. John is going to be pleased with this. You are most welcome for this. Your acceptance speech was well done. :) Thanking all those little people and all. Well done :)

  4. Dragon honesty is a precious and refreshing thing. It deserves to be rewarded and awarded! Congrats.

  5. Congrats to you all (Except Henry)... Have you apologized to Dr yet? he seemed quite upset..
    password> quiselyt--- you wise dragons tell what that is