Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilly's Words # 33

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
The 3WT 33 words will be: maleolent; xenization; & pigritude.

maleolent-adj 1657 -1727-having an ill odour
xenization- n 1818 -1818- to exist as a stranger.

pigritude-n 1623 -1656- slothfulness

It was a maleolent town because of the pigritude of it’s people so he felt his feeling of xenization was justified.

His pigritude lead to his maleolent body which then caused his xenization.

The poor dragon’s pigritude caused him to fall into the maleolent swamp leading to his feeling of xenization.

His xenization followed by his pigritude lead him to think of this as a maleolent town but in reality it was not.

The maleolent lady married the maleolent man and because of their shared pigritude lived a life of xenization.

Quilly’s words are just plain fun and by using them you will be free of all feeling of xenization. . They can serve a utible purpose in allowing you to say things are maleolent without people knowing what you are saying.. They can even help you get over your pigritude. So please use them.

Quilly's words and definitions can be found HERE.


  1. Oh my goodness Fandango...I love the last one. That is just totally awesome. pigritude is as pigritude does

  2. ha ha ha... is all I can do > laugh. You are great!

    word verification WASHA

  3. Wonderful collection as always!

    And after them all, "get over your pigritude" is just too good, I wish more folks would play!

  4. Definitely like the last one the best. But all very good.

  5. Very nicely done. My children love you, Fandango, so I shall use your post to instruct them about their pigritude this evening. Afterall, it leads to a maleolent miasma in their bedchambers. This causes me to walk around in xenization while they're at school during the day, dumbfounded how such a neatnik ended up with these particular pigritudinous people!

  6. Well, you out did yourself this time, Fandango. In fact, you did such a great job using these words that I could smell the maleolent odors resulting from the pigritude of the folks of whom you speak. And that has given my stomach a feeling of xenization -- which I must say isn't a good thing, but your writing certainly was!