Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quilly's Ungiven Words

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
Well Quilly didn't give us three words this week. Instead she said get our three words from this list, HERE.
We dragons couldn't agree on which three words and had a bit of a fracas over them. We singed the monitor and knocked over a few things with our tails and people were not happy with us. We don't want to sound ebullient but we reached an agreement where each dragon picked his or her own words.
Click on the blue highlighted words for definitions.

Vultuous , Viliorate, Veteratorian, volgivagant
The vultuous head of Mushka identified her as a dragon of the volgivagant group from the mountains of Tennessee but in no way did it viliorate her veteratorian nature.

Opprobrious, operiment, obstrigillate , obrumpent

His opporbious conduct caused the obrumpent of the glass operiment and caused them to obstrigilate his future activity.

Perspicacious, Prolix, Paladin, phlyarologist
The perspicacious perception of the paladin saw through the prolix speech of the phlyarologist.

Sternutation, sublunary, susurrus, summotion
His continued sternutation was assumed to be sublunary but still lead to his summotion from the chamber where only susurrus was allowed.

Assiduity, Acrasia, amanuensis, Antediluvian
His antediluvian clothing hid his acrasia and allowed him to get a job as an amanuensis which he worked at with considerable assiduity.

Quilly’s words are just plain fun and by using them you bring them back from near death. Think of yourself as a word paladin and a bringer of a mellifluous new age.


  1. Oh I love number 1. It's just awesome. But there again so are the rest but the first one is just excellent. And how clever to use one letter for each one. Well done. You dragons continually out do yourselves :)

  2. Bravo dragons! You are magnificent and have outdone yourselves. That first one tickles me pink!

  3. You've all swallowed a dictionary today and done marvellously :-)

  4. So nice and neat you dragons are today. all sorted.

  5. I'm glad the dragons reached a compromise. All were wonderful!