Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cecelia the Bitten

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

Cecila the Bitten and the Shapeshifter

It is time for another exciting chaper of Cecila the Bitten.
As you remember a long time ago she was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave her unbelievable powers.
AS you remember Cecila wanted to be called Spiderwoman but The Hero's Society of America told her that the name was already taken and disallowed it and the costume. She was heart broken but settled for Celia the Bitten for her hero name.
Today she is on her way down town on the bus to chase the hitonious bubblegum serial thief.
She was accompanied by her faithful sidekick Margo, who you surely know used to be married to Lamont Cranston, the Shadow. The marriage lasted until they couldn't see eye to eye , in fact she couldn't even see his eye, and they divorced. The Shadow then picked up Diana who had been the Phantom's girlfriend before that horrible accident with the lion left him short a leg.
Margo made a great sidekick to Celia the Bitten.
The hitonious bubblegum serial thief was a shapeshifter and so was hard to catch. He often appeared as this man.
But could just as easily appear as one of these:
Or even as a telephone pole.
Tonight they expected him to hit the new Community Opera House which had new bubble gum machines at every entrance.
Cecila headed for the bubble gum machines closest to the main door. Looking she said "Aha I've got ya".
Margo said." That's just a little kid".
Cecelia fired her web over the child's head and got all three machines.
The kid ran off screaming.
"One of these three machines is our shapeshifter." Cecelia announced. " Bubble gum machines always come in sets of two. Never ever three." Then to prove it she pulled a gun from her purse and aimed it at the first machine. " If I'm wrong three times in a row I'll pay for the machines but if I'm right we have one dead shapeshifter."
At that moment the end machine became a human being still held by the web. Cecelia used her ring to contact Superman who took the shifter away to a special prison made to hold crooks like him.
" Would you really have killed him?" asked Margo.
"With this ?" Cecelia asked pulling the trigger and watching the flame come out of the barrel. " It's just a lighter and it's plastic that looks like metal so metal detectors won't pick it up."
Another case solved by Cecelia the Bitten.


  1. Great story Fandango -- hooray for Cecilia the Bitten!

  2. I love a happy ending and a victorious heroine.

    Tuesday's Tales #1 - John

  3. It's amazing, the relationships of the hero's are just as bad as everyone else's. There's a lot of swiping going on. I love her name - Cecilia the Bitten.

  4. LOL Cecilia's my kind of superhero! So many details in this one cracked me up--I really enjoyed it!

  5. You've got me thinking now. I think you're right, bubble gum machines do usually come in twos! :0

  6. Lamont Cranston, The Shadow, cant see eye to eye or even the eye. This cracked me up.

    Great story. Great ending.