Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Dragon Idioms

Jientje at Heaven is in Belgium, hosts these picture idioms.

As we said last week we dragons have lots of idioms but they aren’t the same as yours and many have never been translated from old dragonize into English, probably because they don’t translate well. For example an idiom we use a lot in dragonize translates out to “Seventeen big black bugs and a cow “which is just nonsense in English.
Here are two more idioms that did translate well into English and in English are over two hundred years old.

Flying with a boken wing.
Which means that you have taken on a project you can't complete.


Go drop a rock
Which means quit whining and do something.
It comes from long ago when angry dragons picked up the biggest rock they could fly with and dropped it on whaterver they were angry at..


  1. Wonderful idioms and I love the pictures. You Dragons are stunning. And guess what Fandango...tomorrow you get yet another award. Ya think I should tell Dr. John so does he? Hmmm Well done my friend :)

  2. Oh, good idioms. I'm already flying with a broken wing and it's high time I went and dropped a rock.

  3. I love these idioms...I feel like a dragon myself today, gonna drop a stone on someone's head...
    'eyesill' (word verification)

  4. I think I've heard something like the first one, but I thought it meant doing a task while somehow being at a disadvantage. But maybe that's one of those funny dragon-to English translations. And I'm afraid there are times I've felt like dropping a rock. Well done!

  5. Poor dragon with the broken wing!
    I've never heard the idioms before, but since I'm not a dragon, I don't speak dragonize I guess that figures.
    I love to learn new languages, did you know?

    Loved it. Going to miss you guys!

  6. Very good idioms, I like the one with the broken wing !

  7. Oooooh the wisdom of Dragons! There is sO much to be learned from them!

  8. Boken wing -- poor widdle dragon! Go drop a rock on Dr. John! (but make it a little one, please)

  9. Great idioms and I love how you presented them. Next time my daughter whines, I'd tell her to Drop a Rock. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Mommy's Little Corner

  10. It's always great to learn about your dragon idioms. I hope the broken wing has healed yet. I can understand the origin of your second idiom ;). Have a wonderful time in Dragonland.