Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilly's Words

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
The 3WT words will be: tenellous; utible; & nubivagant.
tenellous adj 1651 -1651- somewhat tender
utible adj 1623 -1711- serviceable; useful
nubivagant adj 1656 -1656- moving throughout or among clouds

The blow to his head left him with a tenelous spot that ached and a feeling like a nubivagant bird as he tried to walk but he was still a utible member of the gang.

The old thing was a utible glider capable of nubivagant flight if handled with a tenellous touch.

The young dragon flew like a nubivagant and utible old timer even if his bottom was tenellous from his last landing.

This is the tenellous story of utible Joe who often dreamed he was a nubivagant superman.

My nubivagant days came to an end as I entered into a tenellous relationship with Sally who saw no utible purpose in flying.

Quilly’s words are just plain fun and by using them you feel like a nubivagant bird with such freedom. They can serve a utible purpose and give you tenellous thoughts. So please use them.


  1. ROFLMAO on number 3...LOL. That is just the best :) Well done :)

  2. Didn't your momma warn you about Sally? You should have listened. I love the way you hawk my words every week. You do a great job, but still nobody buys!

  3. #1 - I know that feeling. I passed out once after standing too long at a ceremony. The floaty feeling just before was so nice!
    #2 - LOVE gliders!
    #3 - those young dragons -- learning by the seat of their pants!
    #4 - ah, don't we all secretly dream like Joe?
    #5 - how could he love someone who doesn't like flying?

    All the dragons were, as usual, excellent!

  4. I love the one about the young dragon!

  5. Oh you dragons are just great- I must say again!!!I love the last one... Sally
    password: Cuslydro

  6. 1 and 3 are the best today. Excellent. maybe it's the insinuation of pain in them. I can be like that :-)

  7. As always, a great collection! My favourite is still the tribute to Quilly's game at the end using her own words.

    Someday soon I'll have to compliment someone with 'nubivagant superman' ROFL.