Saturday, October 10, 2009

Raven's Challenge 84

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: plaster, cottage cheese, hallowed, hard working, food for thought, blood drive, broken finger, ceiling fan, pastry chef, production
And for the mini: the sky is falling, variations on a theme, bravery, powder puff, empty soda bottles

A Mega Challenge
Thoughts on War

Bravery at Broken Finger
Staring William Winger
Hard Working Soldiers Three
With old Amanda Lee
The Blood Drive of War
No hallowed stars at the core
The Sky is Falling
With Debra Rawling
Variations on a theme
Movies in the war stream
Give food for thought
What has man wrought?
We made cottage cheese and plaster casts.
Ceiling fans and stuff that lasts
Powder Puffs and go-cart throttles
Full and empty soda bottles
Productions by a pastry chef
Hearing aids for the deaf
And bombs to blow them all away.

The Ten Word Challenge
Pastry Chef to the Dragons

Our hard working pastry chef has produced for us dragons some of the most fantastic pastries ever made. He has one that looks like a broken finger dipped in blood from the blood drive. If you can imagine that. How he shapes them without using any plaster is a mystery but we think it has something to do with cottage cheese. His most recent production is a cake shaped like a ceiling fan with four blades, strawberry, chocolate, banana, and grasshopper. We will be celebrating with this cake after the grand rededicate of our hallowed Shrine which we got back from Phrog and his evil dominions. He cleared out after we “ lost “ the war. This kind of loss should happen more often and deserves two cakes. I’m going to talk to the cook. Exactly how we lost the war and got the Shrine is food for thought.
This is food that makes you think.


  1. Oh I hope it wasn't Devon or Gracie...I love food for thought. Well done my friend. :)

  2. Are those real movie titles and the stars in them? Dragons are so clever.

    I think an artist needs to read over the Dragons' posts and create a depiction of all of these wonderful details of the shrine we're getting to read about!

  3. Oooh, dragons, that was a hard-hitting poem and no mistake, but I loved the rhythm of it, it demands to shouted out loud.

    I think there is always room in the world for more cake! I like the idea of a four-bladed, four-flavoured cake, You dragons certainly know how to enjoy your victuals.

  4. Nothing better than a war that ends with everybody happy. A ceiling fan-shaped cake sounds interesting. Happy Wordzzle Day, Dragons.

  5. The poem gave some good thoughts on war, and why not to fight one. In the story, it's interesting that the dragons have a pastry chef. The cake sounds good, except maybe for the grasshopper section. Having the war end is indeed a cause for celebration, particularly if you win by losing.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA