Saturday, January 23, 2010

Raven's Challenge 96

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
Words for this week's 10-word challenge are: Badger, roll out the barrel, amazing, a lovely cup of tea, pressure, frozen, gandalf, pixies, top gear
And for the mini: smelly, politician, favourite, token gesture, garden

A Mega Challenge
The Politician

Roll out the barrel was playing
The old donkey was braying
Frozen pixies guarded the garden path
That lead to the amazing Turkish bath
When the smelly politician came
Trying to wash away guilt and shame
Caught by the Badger News in sin
There was pressure to resign give in
Here a lovely cup of tea he had
But thoughts his wife made him sad.
A top gear defense is what he needed
With a token gesture for forgiveness pleaded.
He was the favourite to be elected President
Now never to be the White House resident.
Cheating on his wife while she was sick
Put an end to that dream really quick.
No wizard Gandalf would arise
To wipe the tears from his eyes
Roll out the Barrel would be his song
Drink to forget what he did wrong.

Ten Word Challenge ( Nine this week)
Dragon Origin

.Where did dragons come from? One of our oldest legends says that before dragons there were pixies. These were not little pixies like you see today in frozen statues in the garden . No, these pixies came in all sizes big, medium and little. They also had top gear magic ability and could create anything from a lovely cup of tea to a barrel of whiskey with the wave of a hand. They could even roll out the barrel without ever touching it. Among these pixies there came forth the amazing Wizard Gandalf. He was taller than your average pixie, he was smarter than your average pixie, and he lived longer than your average pixie.
One day when he had just rolled out and consumed two barrels of whiskey he felt pressure on his foot as the ground rose up before him.. It was a huge badger looking for something to eat. Now badgers at this time were considerably bigger than they are today and often ate small pixies for lunch. It is well known that your average pixie is not very smart and very slow to react so many ended up as lunch. But this time the badger was dealing with the Amazing Drunken Gandalf who waved his hand and the badger became your very first dragon created with a real desire to protect pixies from predators. The Wizard was so pleased that he went about finding badgers and turning them into dragons. That’s why there are no big badgers in this age. It is also why to this day dragons will do everything possible to protect pixies.


  1. I just love the dragon lore :) And how great is it that they protect pixies. Someone needs to do it :) Well done Fandango :)

  2. Creative poem, as always. I always love dragon lore. Dragon history is so fascinating and so little known to most of us. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  3. I always wondered about the dragon-pixie alliance. Now I understand.

  4. Gandalf was a bad guy? oh . . . sad . . .

  5. Over the weekend, I found a family of pixies living in the knot of a tree in my back yard. I will try to get pictures.


  6. excellent work from the dragons. Glad i visited!