Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Portrait of Words 25

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

Greetings. My name is Daniel Dragon and I have been chosen to tell you a secret. We dragons are master shapeshifters. W can become anything .
That clown you saw last summer that was one of us.
We dragons really like to clown around. It is such fun. We just can't leave it to you humans.
Then there was that cute flag girl in the parade . That was one of us.
She isn't the prettiest of dragons but as a human she turns a lot of heads.
In that same parade the guy driving the funny old red car was a dragon. He just loves cars but he isn't a very good driver. Your lucky he stayed off the sidewalk.

If you went to the big football game andd watched the band at half time the trumpet player on the left was a dragon.
If your a student at the University a fellow student may be a dragon or the visiting professor on Ancient History.
You know the one that sounded like he lived it. Well he did.
But we don't always shape shift as humans. Just for fun and practice sometimes we become trees.
Sometimes when a human comes by we nudge him a little. You should see how scared they get.
Well I hope you know a little more about us now.
Remember we could be anybody even your Aunt Gertrude.



  1. No one can be as ugly as my Aunt Gertrude even a shapeshifting Dragon LOL It's good to know more about you dragons Fandango :) Great use of the pictures :)

  2. Now I know why clowns are so scary.

  3. What one learns about dragons. Still I have yet to see anything scarier than an Ugly Bus Wench. I don't think even you Dragons are that scary.

  4. I know for a fact the librarian in our high school was a dragon -- if anybody hurt one of her books she breathed real fire (but the rest of the time she was really nice).

  5. I've always suspected that dragons were moving among us incognito - and I was right!