Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Dragons Got

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words
Once upon a time there was a very small dragon that really wanted to be large , but at that time dragons had no power to change shape.
He was told by the old ones that to get this power he would have to go to a far away land
and talk to the lonely old oracle who had existed since time began, or perhaps before.
Once there he needed to ask the oracle where the Castle of Power was located.
So the little dragon went off to find the oracle. It took him two years , seven months and three days but he found the far away land , and the lonely old oracle.
The oracle not only told him where the Castle of Power could be located but where the brick had to be removed so that the gate would open up.
Then he was given the password to get by the bone crushing upside down man.
So our little dragon went to the Castle of Power, pulled, the brick, said the password and reached the tattoed horses.
As the Oracle had instructed he went to the blue horse and asked for one wish. The blue horse gave him this riddle:
What can you give away and still keep for yourself?
The little dragon though for a moment and then said:
" My word"
The blue horse then granted him one wish.
He wished that he and ll dragons would have the power to shift shapes.
This is why to this day dragons are shape shifters.


  1. Oh Fandango...you clever dragon you. I knew one of these days we would find out the real truth behind shape shifting. Hey, did you know I left you and award last week on my blog? I know you love them. But I know Dr. John is busy with the trains, so don't bug him to be going and fetching it. I just wanted to let you know. Have a great week ahead you Dragon Master you :)

  2. I love dragon fokelore stories so thankyou Fandango!

    I haven't done a POW this time sorry. :(

  3. What a wonderful story! Thank you Fandango for sharing more dragon history. It is fascinating and charming stuff!

  4. Brave little dragon! I like his adventure and unselfish wish.

  5. Fandango, this was wonderful, I agree with Susan the wee dragon was so brave.

  6. ingenious this one is!!!
    warm smiles,