Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flash Fiction

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.
With a nod to Raven and Quilly
( This week's Raven's words were wonderful at 16 words)
teflon, idealistic, marshmallow, opportunistic, kittens, beef, sawing logs, slapped, tickled, scissors,
ripen, shelve, laminate, goofy, Siamese

The problem with having only sixteen words is we dragons always see more than one possiblity . Then we fight over which one to publish. Today we offer you both of them.

The Office

Behind the idealistic Teflon inventor's personal desk was a goofy mural showing two Siamese kittens being tickled by a marshmallow man while sawing logs.It was partly hidden by the expensive laminate shelve on which there was a scissors, four cans of slapped beef from the Opportunistic Beef Company and some beginning to ripen tomatoes.

Serial Cat Killer

Being opportunistic the idealistic killer used the Teflon laminate pan to kill the Siamese kittens there being no scissors available. In his usual goofy manner he covered the bodies with marshmallows and beef drippings and slapped them down on the shelve of sawing logs to ripen. It tickled him no end to watch the process.


And Now for something completely different. And we mean completely different.
First there is poetry- written well by a few experts. You know it when you see it.

Then there is poetic drivel- written by many. Lots of fun and often punny.

Then below them all is quivel.
The following is quivel.
It in no way even pretends to be poetry or drivel.
Instead it is something that looks like a poem, uses at least three of Quilly’s words.
In this case it is also a flash 55 quivel since it has eleven lines with exactly five words to a line. Please, again, note this is a quivel it does not pretend to be a poem or even poetic drivel.


Scaevity was his from birth
Made him doubt his worth
Till gnathonized by the cult
Which lead to this result
Pretending to be real nerds
They roblet him with words
Mellifluous the words all spoke
His ego they had to stroke
They lived a ruricolous life
Away from the world’s strife
With music from the fife.


  1. That poor cat. So sad and sadistic you dragons are ;)

    I'm up right HERE

  2. getting tickled by the marshmallow man...yikes! bet she wants some of that beef if only she could reach the scissors. fun 55!

    mine is up!

  3. I always smile when I come here for 55!!! ♥♥♥

  4. Hot Breath...You just keep getting better with age.
    Awesome 55 My Friend.
    Thank you for this marvelous contribution, and have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  5. A little dangerous, a marshmallow man with sharp objects, don't you think?

    You'll find mine here...with an added request to pray for my son and anyone you know that my be in need:

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  6. oh my gosh!! you dragons have a wicked side!! great 55's i love it very clever indeed, though is it fact or fiction you write of here?

  7. Dead kitty with tomatoes - a 55 and its sequal. Nice. Hannibal couldn't have done it better.

  8. a marshmallow man...too cute.

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    Not really 'fiction' this week. You can find it by scrolling below my show n tell friday.

  9. I don't know. You dragons seem a bit morbidly sweet today.

    Getting Reacquainted in 55

  10. Serial cat killer with *marshmallows* fantastic -- you do amazing things with these challenges LOL

  11. Okay, dragons, that cat killing thing is just wrong!

  12. Hi. I followed you here from Enchanted Oak via Elegant Blessings on the award trail. Love your blog. Very fun.

  13. Fire dragon, here... so naturally, I love it!

    Here's mine.

  14. You naughty dragon...stirring things up like nobody's business.

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!