Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quilly 41

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

The 3WT #41 words will be: incompossible; harl; thropple (Click on a word for a definition)

Placing his finger on Henry’s thropple he decided to harl him in to meet Brian which made no sense since the two men were incompossible.

If you want to harl somebody who thinks they know everything just ask about the existence of two incompossible objects. They will act as if you hit them in their thropple.

Since the dragon and the bear were incompossible the dragon crushed it’s thropple and decided to harl the body to his cave.

Peanut butter and jam are not incompossible but are meant to be together. By telling you this we do not mean to harl you but we do hope to keep peanut butter out of your thropple.

A thropple and a karate chop are incompossible. If you try to bring them together they will harl you into court for murder.

Quilly's words give you an advantage in a difficult world. For example if you tell someone that you just want to thropple them and give them a hug they will never know you'd like to strangle them. Thus you can use these words to harl together two seemingly incompossible people.
These words are advantage words and everybody ought to learn them.


  1. Very good, dragons, but this isn't due until the 18th! Still, better to finish ahead than behind.

    As always I like your plug for my words best, but the peanut butter and jam one made me smile.

  2. Oh dear! I'm the one that messed up! I typed one date on my post for all of you, and another on my calendar. I am much to busy to play along and I LOVE these words!

  3. Fandango these are just brilliant. I guess you and me and Dr. John paid to close attention to the posting date for this. Oh Well. These are fantastic. I love the PB&J one the best. Well done :)

  4. Very nice, especially the last. I will try to do as good, but me thinks it's a mute point.