Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilly 42

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
The 3WT #42 words will be:
scaevity = unluckiness
gnathonize = to flatter
roblet = to lead astray

The cult looked for people whose primary feature seemed to be scaevity to gnathonize and roblet.

Because he knew how to gnathonize people one did not expect that anyone could roblet him but one must take into account his scaevity.

Sir Roland Uppity , Knight of the Round Table and Slayer of Dragons, was not know for scaevity but a shape shifted dragon was able to gnathonize him and roblet him to an old clearing where the dragons got their revenge.

Nellie Blot was a con artist of the old school who could easily identify people whose primary feature was scaevity and then gnathonize them into seeing themselves as special people. She could then roblet them into one of her scams.

People whose primary feature would seem to be scaevity are hard to gnathonize because they have such low self esteem they see all flattery as lies. One can however roblet them by offering good luck charms that are guaranteed to work..

WE are sure that our loyal readers do not suffer from scaevity but you might as well if you don't use Quilly's words. We know you are smart enough to see the value and we are not trying to gnathonize you by saying that. Nor are we trying to roblet you but simply calling your attention to the truth.


  1. Oh my gosh Fandango. The third and fourth one's were excellent. I love the names of your characters LOL It always amazes me how you fit the three words into one very short story and get the whole point across. Well done :)

  2. Sir Uppity - what a great name! I'm afraid to ask how the dragons got their revenge...ick.

    I've missed playing with the dragons and the words! Good job!

  3. Nice. One could almost say that you were a suck-up there at the end in regards to Quilly, but being Dragons I know you wouldn't stoop that low ;) Get set btw. Always inventive too.

  4. i enjoyed the Office -- the Serial Cat Killer, not so much. If the cat was a person, it would have been okay ...

    mine is up if you have the time

  5. I always wondered whatever happened to Sir Roland Uppity. I trust he digested well?