Monday, November 9, 2009

An Award

We are so excited our new friend Jesse gave us an award.
But squirt pointed out that we already have that award.
To be candid he is always ruining things
He thinks he is the officer in charge of truth.
But shame on you squirt for pouring garbage on our award.
Just because you have brains doesn't mean your a paragon of virtue.
It's your stupid prospecting for mistakes that take the fun out of life.
Why don't you take your luggage and go play cats-in-the-cradle in the swamp with the turtles..
We like our truth sugar coated with sprinkles.
You sit on your reclinder and enjoy drowning us in facts.
Even though we can't take it twice we are really thankful that Jesse thought of us.


  1. WOOT - Congrats my friend. Well deserved :)

  2. Congratulations anyway and I see you are already working on Raven's words! LOL

  3. That Squirt is such a squirt! Congrats on the award to the rest of you!