Saturday, November 14, 2009

Raven's Challenge 89

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: officer, candid, drowning, turtles, sugar-coated, prospecting, shame on you, reclinder, luggage, brains
And for the mini: paragon of virtue, cats-in-the-cradle, swamp, sprinkles, garbage

A Mega Challenge
Dirty Officer

Cats-in-the-cradle and baby’s in the cage
Swamp turtles on the floor dropped in a rage
Luggage filled with garbage on the table new
When you walked sawdust sprinkles flew.
To be candid the place had an odor of its own
Drowning in cat droppings the odor had grown
There sat Officer MCGruth in the easy chair
The old reclinder looking none the worse for wear
Like a paragon of virtue he sat up straight and tall
How could this happen if he had brains at all
I have not sugar-coated this prospecting for the truth
Shame on you! Shame on you! Officer MCGruth

The Ten Word Challenge
Give us the Parrot

If you came for a dragon history lesson we apologize but we are on code flashing purple which is war footing. We may have to go to war with Phrog and company. We learned last week they have our Magic Parrot which we need to make magic parrot soup. We have dispatched an Officer of the Dragon Court to request the return of said parrot. To be candid with you we do not want to go to war. But it is our parrot and we want it back.
It is possible, of course , that Phrog believed the parrot’s lies. He tells people we want to cut him up in little pieces for the soup. Well Phrog if you believed that shame on you. Anybody with brains could figure out that we need that parrot not for its body but its magic. By magic it turns boiling legs of turtles, wings of bats, sugar-coated African beetles and dinosaur bones into magic parrot soup. This soup is drowning in out of this world flavor but without the magic it tastes like boiled luggage.
Until Phrog stole our parrot the hardest part of the soup to get was the dinosaur bones. It took a lot of prospecting to find them . And remember that dragons can not sit and relax in a reclinder like humans do.
So let us once more assure you no parrots are ever killed in the making of Magic Parrot soup.


  1. You need a mediator to prevent another war. "Can't we all just get along."

    Long Overdue

  2. Great poem Fandango. I missed the history lesson this week but I got the recipe for Magic Parrot Soup instead! Thankyou. x

  3. Parrots are a lot of trouble! Maybe this impending trouble is why Sallyie was babbling over there at Phrog's place.

    Perhaps the Dragons can seize the moral high ground and NOT go to war? It's just soup...

  4. Maybe you should call int he Campbell's Soup mediator to help ya with this ya think? LOL. Well done my friend :)

  5. You always come up with interesting poems. Glad to hear that the parrot is only used for magic and hope that you dragons and Phrog can work out a truce - perhaps some kind of lend-lease program or shared custody... or perhaps you should all set the parrot free since he/she is a being in his/her own right. It is always possible that willing participation might produce an even more magnificent soup... just a thought.

  6. Very good poem and of course the parrot story will one day be part of your History, too - hopefully with a good ending...

  7. Loved the poem this weeks. I am pleased that no parrots are killed in the making of magic parrot soup - pity the same can't be said for the turles etc. Is there NOTHING that dragons will not eat?

  8. When you get the parrot back, I suggest making Magic Prog Leg Soup. That would keep Phrog from hopping into your business all the time.