Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quilly 35

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
The 3WT #35 words will be: Your choice of any new words introduced in October. They are:

Suffarcinate-to load up, to stuff
spiscious-adj. of a thick consistancy
tristifical-adj. causing to be gloomy or grievous

maleolent-adj 1657 -1727-having an ill odour
xenization- n 1818 -1818- to exist as a stranger.
pigritude-n 1623 -1656- slothfulness

tenellous adj 1651 -1651- somewhat tender
utible adj 1623 -1711- serviceable; useful
nubivagant adj 1656 -1656- moving throughout or among clouds

misqueme v 1395 -1658-to displease; to offend
tragematopolist (plural tragematopolists)- 1. A confectioner, or a seller of sweets.
vacivity n 1656 -172 -Emptiness, containing nothing; meaningless, without knowledge or sense; frivolous; foolish

The poor boy suffarcinated on candy trying to forget the maleolent body he had tripped over in the cemetery that caused the tenellous spot on his arm.

In his mind he was a beautiful nubivagant bird and not the tristifical lowlife whose pigritude was risible.

The spiscious , utible soup was something the dragon had never seen before in his xenization.

His pigritude which misquemed the tragematopolist lead to his tristifical response.

His vacivity misquemed even those guilty of maleolent breath and pigritude causing him to be a not utible subject which became a tenellous spot in their relationship..

Quilly’s words are very important. These are unsolicited quotes from users.
" Before Quilly's words I lead a tristifical life that misquemed everybody and lead to my xenization. But since I found Quilly's words I have been enabled to live as a utible part of society."
" Once I suffered from maleolent pigritude which lead to my vacivity and a hitonious morsicant condition. But since I discovered Quilly's words and embraced them I feel like a isangelous, nubivagant bird"

This could be you. Come join the Quilly club.There is no admitance fee. Just use the words.

Quilly's words and definitions can be found HERE.


  1. Once again you've outdone yourselves with the sentences, but always and forever I love your plug for my meme. Dragons write the best PR.

  2. I like the first dragon story best and the addition of the quotes was brilliant.

    Dona Nobis Pacem & Thursday Thirteen

  3. My favorite is number 2. Don't we all see ourselves as something other than what we are? Sigh.

  4. i'm curious about the spot on the boys arm, is it contagious.
    and it sounds like the candy man is a bit of a bore to get so upset over someone.
    you dragons do such a wonderful job with your quilly words!!

  5. I love the quotes that you added. Well done especially the last one and the I like the first story the best. Well done. You dragons amaze me.

  6. Enjoyed them all, and the quote was clever.

  7. Always so clever. I came hunting Raven's words for my 55, I guess I'll check back tomorrow.

    Oh ... there's something for you at my blog ...

  8. I like the second one best this week; I know someone just like that too! Aw bless.