Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quilly's 37

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

The 3WT #37 words will be: aretaloger; kexy; & gardeviance

Aretaloger-braggart; one who boasts about his own accomplishments
Kexy-dry, brittle, withered
Gardeviance -chest for valuables; a travelling trunk

In his gardeviance the kexy old man had the symbols of his wonderful accomplishments that allowed him to keep up his reputation as an aretaloger.

Our local aretaloger brags about the magic qualities of his gardeviance which kept leaves from becoming kexy.

The old somewhat kexy dragon couldn’t carry her gardeviance into the air and thus was forced to listen to the worst aretaloger who walked alongside.

The deer hunting aretaloger bragged that he got the deer out into the open by rubbing kexy leaves across the bamboo gardeviance he carried them in.

Tired of his constant bragging people threw kexy bricks at the aretaloger as he dragged his gardeviance out of town.

We will admit that Quilly's words can be a bit kexy. They are often found in old gardeviances filled with yellowing love letters writen long ago. They are not the kind of words the village aretaloger uses i9n his bragging. But if you lrearn a few the next time he brags answer him with Quilly words. That will shut him up.


  1. Dearest Fandango, as always, my favorite part of your writing - -good as your sentences are -- is your advertisement for why folks should join 3WT. I wish the ads were as effective as they are fun, because out numbers are too few!

  2. I'm with Quilly on that -- but among your five mini-stories, my sympathies are all with that poor gardeviance-lugging dragonista who's forced to listen as she walks!! Oh, poor dear: that reminds me of some too-long flights I've been on! LOL

  3. The middle one is the best for me. But all excellent.

  4. Well done. I love the third one. I suppose because it has a dragon involved but I can just picture this in my mind. All are fantastic as usual but that one if my fav. :)

  5. My favorite was the first one because my mind read "sexy" instead of "kexy" and then I realized my error.

    So then my favorite was the one Susan chose too. Poor grand dame dragon!