Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quilly 36

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

Week Thirty-Six: (11.12.09) confabulation; pudify; & rimestock.

confabulation-To talk casually; chat. or the replacement of a gap in a person's memory by a falsification that he or she believes to be true.
pudify- to cause to be ashamed
rimestock-old almanac with runic writings

Because his theft of the rimestock did pudify him he replaced that memory with a confabulation.

In his confabulation with friends he sought to pudify Frank because of having created the fake rimestock.

The old dragon knew where the stolen rimestock was hidden and that fact did pudify him , at least that’s what he told his friends during their confabulations.

The old rimestock contained information that would pudify the entite town and become the center of all friendly confabulations.

The rimestock contained nothing that would pudify me in the retelling of my grandfather’s confabulations with the spies unless it was hidden in the two pages of runic script.

If you had an old rimestock you would find many of Quilly's words in it. They have been around for a long time and were used in many a confabulation. But now they are almost forgotten. If your failure to help save them will purdify you then save yourself and use them every day.


  1. These are all confabulous. No, no, I meant fabulous.

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  2. Another excellent selection. You do these so well.

  3. Ah waht confabultions you tell and I must say the last one is indeed my favorite :) Grandfathers having discussions with spies...the tales they could tell :)

  4. Oh my dragon friends, you ae such talented writers... and you don't even singe the edges of the paper you write on.

  5. I am impressed, it is not often a person can change the words in a sentence and yet still manage to say the same thing. great pic and great use of the words.

  6. Oh, dear dragons, the title of your post has warmed my flu-ridden soul. Quilly 36. If only I were ....

    I love your confabulations as usual. Your writing will never pudify you!