Saturday, September 12, 2009

Raven's Challenge 80

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Charitable, alligator, tribute, drunk, slave, preparation, carrots, mountainside, propeller, lark
For the mini challenge: chisel, worship, suicide, organic, plus

A Mega Challenge
Bad Man

The lark from the mountainside
Now caged somewhere inside
Is as much a slave as ever was
That fact makes one pause
The alligator in the zoo
It’s a slave you know it’s true
Would commit suicide
But even that is denied
You worship in the house of God
While on their rights you trod
Being as charitable as we can be
The best preparation that we see
Is a tribute to your greed
Of a Zoo there is no need
Drunk with power you’re the man
They have to fit your plan
Propeller planes plus boats as well
Bring animals to your hell
Chisel them in statues great
Never mind their real fate
Organic carrots for your meal
They get food with no appeal
Perhaps some far future day
Something puts you in Zoo to stay.
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
What else is there to say?

The Ten Word Challenge
One Very Ticked Dragon

One of your so called experts, Professor Linus T. Lark, has really ticked us dragons off. He suggested that dragons evolved from mountainside alligators. He must have been drunk. We notice your human experts do a lot of drinking. We also notice that ,no matter how silly, you humans tend to be slaves to the opinions of your experts. We are trying very hard to be charitable here but we are so upset. Our Holy Book clearly states that before the Great Creator created the earth He created dragons out of nothing. “We came from nothing we go to nothing” we say at every funeral. It is how we make preparation for the life yet to come. You know where there will always be carrots for all.
How dare you people ,who wear hats with little propellers , dare to attack our Holy Book. Can those hats make you fly?
I would have eaten your expert as a tribute to the Book but the other dragons reminded me that would break the Accords. In four hundred years no dragon has done that. But if he keeps pushing?
What next? People evolving from Monkeys?


  1. First, I want to say that I love your new page banner. Lovely drawing.

    Wonderful and thoughtful poem about the cruelty of zoos. My nieces would both be cheering your words.

    I'm sorry about Professor Lark. I imagine that if I were a dragon I'd be tempted to eat him too. It's a tribute to your strength of character that you have resisted the urge to do so.

  2. Well Dragons I see you've gotten into drawing as well. I love the pen and ink on school paper self portrait. I admit to being confused by the second offering. I thought Dragons ate experts, not listened to them.

  3. As I said at Dr. John, the older I get, the more disturbed I am by zoos. Yet, if we never saw some of these creatures in that setting, I wonder whether we'd care about them at all? As it is, we care disproportionately about the cute ones. Very difficult to figure out, but nice poem.

    Experts...if you decide to break the accords, I got a whole load of them here in Washington DC that you can gobble. They'd probably give you indigestion though.

  4. Zoos -- I usually come away from them feeling very sad, so why do I go?

    Fandango -- men act a lot more like monkeys than dragons act like alligators. Take Professor Lark for instance .....

  5. Dragons are also artists it seems.

    Wow! That poem really socked it home for me! Kudos!

    Expert n. (Ex = has been, spurt = a big drip). Yes, we humans do listen too much to so-called experts who work hard to know more and more about less and less it seems. As for men evolving from monkeys: not all of them have come that far. Personally, I'd be prepared to forgive you dragons the odd snack on H Sapiens - I can furnish you with a list if you like.

    Hugely enjoyable as always.

  6. That professor must be mad to chance the wrath of you dragons! I really enjoyed your poem. :)

  7. Great poem go eat a Lark :)

  8. These are both just fantastic!

    And, I think you should go ahead and eat the expert.

  9. The poem was good and drew attention to a real problem. The way things are going though, some of these animals may soon only exist in the zoos, having been killed off in the wild. The story about the professor who thought dragons descended from alligators was good, too. I liked the "hats with little propellers" line.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

  10. Professor Lark does tend to be a bit up in the air sometimes. Never you mind what he says. You did right not to eat him. He would only have given you an upset stomach, too.

  11. How dare he insinuate you evolved from alligators. You look much more like iguanas. Oops! Do I have to worry about being eaten now?

    My Wordzzle is HERE.