Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quilly's Wonderful Words

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.
oporopolist; phalerae; & stibogram
Click on the blue highlighted words for definitions.

The great detective studied the stibogram made at the scene of the murder of the oporopolist and noticed , for the first time, the phalerae half buried in the mud.

The oporopolist had noticed a large increase in business since he placed the cement stibograms leading up to his front door over which he hung the ancient six headed phalerae.

In ancient days there were no stibograms or oporopolists so hungry dragons had to follow real footprints to find a Roman Soldier that they ate phalerae and all.

You will look in vain if you try to find a phalerae from the first century that serves as a stibogram or depicts an oporopolist.


Tom Mix, the local oporopolist, had the strange hobby of collecting both crime scene stibograms and ancient Roman phalerae.

If you begin to use Quilly's words on your blog people will notice your blog , as if you had posted stibograms pointing to it. Then create a modern phalerae for the logo and they will flock like people to an oporopolist displayng fresh fruit in front of the store. This is clearly not a risible matter.

So be brave, step up. Use Quilly's words.


  1. I wondered how you dragons were going to do with these words. I am very impressed with your first offering, and of course I always love your invitation to bring others to the game. We do need more people playing.

  2. I'm going to give it a try Dragon.

    This is going to be tough!

  3. So, did the business increase in #2 because of the stibograms, the ancient six headed phalerae or . . . most likely . . . the dragons recommended the store?

  4. OMG...I didn't think you dragons liked human for consumption. But alas, that was ancient day hmmm. Excellent Fandango Well done :)

  5. Another great collection. I like the middle one best. Not sure the Romans would, though.

  6. Excellent 55's, a total joy to read...:)