Thursday, September 24, 2009

55 with a Raven side

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.
With a nod to Raven and Quilly
( This week's Raven's words were really, really, really horrible -33 words)
Every week a nice lady named Raven gives us fifteen words and phrases to use in a story. Here we try to use those words and phrases in a flash 55.This week's words are: Tibetan sky, symbols, won’t you come home Bill Baily, shadow figures, brain cortex, practice makes perfect, life, start of school, lavender, chow down, mental hospital, falling leaves, apple cider, packing crates, clues

In the Falling Leaves Mental Hospital he could see shadow figures holding life symbols beneath a lavender Tibetan sky while he sang won't you come home Bill Bailey again as practice makes perfect. His apple cider on packing crates gave clues to his brain cortex on the start of school and when to chow down.


And Now for something completely different. And we mean completely different.
First there is poetry- written well by a few experts. You know it when you see it.

Then there is poetic drivel- written by many. Lots of fun and often punny.

Then below them all is quivel.
The following is quivel.
It in no way even pretends to be poetry or drivel.
Instead it is something that looks like a poem, uses at least three of Quilly’s words.
In this case it is also a flash 55 quivel since it has eleven lines with exactly five words to a line. Click on the special words for definitions. Please, again, note this is a quivel it does not pretend to be a poem or even poetic drivel.

Finding a Wife

The mariturient man was odd
Wanted us to play God.
Find a woman for him
Isangelous and so very trim
Not the openly ossifragant type
One not prone to gripe
One he could not obstrigillate
This surely his intended fate
Should prefer a ruricolous life
With an absence of strife
This to be perfect wife


  1. Ossifragrant eh? I was just waiting for you to blurt that out!!
    Excellent 55 Hot Breath..
    Thanks for your support as always, You Da Dragon!
    Have a Great Week-End....Galen

  2. That man in the mental hospital belongs there.

    And the poem dude looking for the perfect wife, what is he offering in return?

  3. Ah, for the perfect wife :-)
    Another two gems today.

  4. Loved the 55 ~ amazing what you dragons do with random words!

    Take a gander at my 55 for the week.


    Chef Kar

  5. Well done Fandango. :)

  6. You did good!!!!

    Mine is posted always, scroll down below my Friday's show n tell.

  7. perfect, once again, you dragons have a way with words!!

  8. How the fire do you do it? It seems so easy... but it must ve so for a few dragons always the first to post! How do you do it!? ...
    Mine is up there too. Please come and comment sth with your always funny words :)

  9. Hallucinations is amazing. I really didn't think you would be able to pull it off this time!

  10. I started hallucinating immediately after reading your quivel. is still smoking.

  11. Seriously how do you do it?! nice work as always!

  12. Wow, you dragons certainly have a way with words.

    [Now where'd I put my dictionary?]

  13. great job as always....whew, i'm learning new words everyday :0)

    p.s. love the new of the dragons draw it? ;0)

  14. Hi Fandango, I must say for a dragon you know how to use unusual, long forgotten (by me anyways) words...Strange thing about crazy people, just because they're crazy, does that mean they're insane? Have a wonderful fiery weekend Mr. Dragon. :))

  15. Oh you did a great job with the words. I did look at them and then thought "No, I can't do anything with them!" WELL DONE!

  16. Great 55 ---you dragons are so clever.

    Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE.

  17. i don't always comprehend dragon lingo ... but i love the way it looks!!!

    sorry for the delay.