Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilly's Old Old Words

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

Click on the blue highlighted words for definitions.
obstrigillate ; ossifragant ; mariturient

Bob decided not to obstrigillate his mariturient cousin since she had thrown him down once with an ossifragant result.

The mariturient dragon afraid that at 500 years life was passing her by and with an ossifragant desire to sit an egg could not obstrigillate the young dragon’s advances.

In the ring she was an ossifragant wrestler that nobody could obstrigillate but outside she was a mariturient lady who kept her occupation hidden from potential suitors.

If you called her a mariturient lady she would obstrigillate the title with sometimes ossifragant results as she was convinced it was her brother that was the mariturient one.

Only an ossifragant accident would be a force strong enough to obstrigillate the walking down the aisle of the mariturient lady.

If you are a mariturient man or woman these words won’t help you any. Perhaps you should quit your obstrilligation of on line dating. I know that some people had ossifragant experience with people they met that way but others found an isangelous friend for life.

In any case Quilly’s words are just plain fun and by using them you bring them back from near death. Think of yourself as a word paladin and a bringer of a mellifluous new age.


  1. I love the dragon drawing in your header. It does you magnificent reptiles justice. All hail the rebirth of dead words.

  2. I loved 2 and 3. The others were only excellent.

  3. Wow and holy cow: you surely made me look like a slacker with my one-liner! But the best part was that sly tribute to online lurve at the end I think; loved it.

    Can't wait to see your 55 tomorrow.

  4. Well done my friend. I love the fourth one.

  5. These are wonderfully charming sentences. A couple of them made me laugh out loud. I especially liked numbers 3 & 5.

    The bringer of a new age or a resurrecter of an old one?

  6. So dragons are into on-line dating? Hmm...

    I so enjoy the way you flip the words around back and forth. This is real word-play!

  7. You dragons are just way too smart for a mere human as myself! I am so very impressed! I think you are a 55 show stealer! You must be practicing :o)