Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Portrait of Words

Before we get to the story we dragons want to thank Southlakes mom and her Daughter for our new logo.

This is our first Portrait of Words so please be kind to us. We decided to do it because we felt soory for Thom and Dr. John. They put in all that time and effort and so few people play so we joined in.

Searching for a Dragon
A Portrait of Words

It was a beautiful day , the sun was shining, and the white high clouds hung in dragon formations urging Kevin on.
He was halfway between the River of Mystery and Two Dragons Lake in the far North of Canada. He had stopped for a short rest before portaging the rest of the way. On his back he was carrying his canoe, everything he needed to camp for the night,
and the last of those wonderful peanut butter cookies his sister had made for him before he left the States.
The day had started well. He saw a squirrel and decided to see one this far North was a good omen. It might even have been a shape shifting dragon.
As far back as he could remember Kevin had only one real goal in life, he wanted to see a real dragon. Because of that he had mastered more languages than the average person knew existed. This language mastery both paid the bills and allowed him to read everything ever written about dragons. He knew that up until four hundred years ago dragons seemed to be everywhere. Then there was something vaguely referred to as the Accord and they ceased to exist. There were after that point no dragon sightings, no dragon attacks, no fossil records and that was that. All that was left were the folk tales .
Kevin looked around the little clearing where had stopped. It was filled with beautiful flowers. In the back of his mind he remembered some folk tale that said dragons love these flowers.
He felt that he was getting closer.
He hoisted the canoe onto his back and started up the trail again stopping only to pick up the can of worms he bought yesterday at the bait shop. Their big sign had reminded him that he had read that dragons love worms.
He just might need those.
Around four o’clock he reached the lake. He set up his tent and decided to put off exploring until tomorrow. He poured some water to rehydrate one of his meals, cooked it and sat back to just enjoy the lake.
That’s when the old man showed up.
“ Welcome! Kevin.” He said “ I’m the custodian of the lake.
We have decided that you can be trusted with the secret.”
At that the old man slowly became a dragon just a little taller than Kevin.
Then Kevin heard him speaking inside of his head. Kevin learned that he was to tell nobody what he had seen. He would be give an ancient amulet to carry with him. When it became warm he would know a dragon was near. He was on the edge of a new adventure.
“Would you like a worm ?” Kevin asked the dragon.
“ Don’t be silly dragons hate worms. But catch us some fish. We love fish”.


  1. I love the header! How cool is that?!

    And what an exciting adventure Kevin is about to have. I do so wish it were me!

  2. Great new header Fandango. I really like it. And thank you for participating in POW. You story was excellent. I do hope Kevin doesn't tell anyone but I think he wont. Well done my friend :) and Thank you. Aloha

  3. I love this new logo of yours-it looks more like the one(s)I imagine when I think about you.
    I also love Kevin's adventure and his secret...
    Well done Dragons!