Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dang that Phrog

We dragons have no problem with it. We do have a problem with Phrog. Phrog is the Mucky Muck High Beans of a Secret Society. The Royal Order of Dragons are trying very hard to get along with that society. But to be honest with you Phrog and company are quite standoffish and difficult to relate to.
Our latest fight comes over the shrine of the Dragon Queen which they want to call the Sacred Shrine of the Salamander . Aside from the fact there is clearly nothing sacred about Salamanders we found it first. You have to fly a long way down a peaceful river to get there. Phrog can’t even fly. They had to go by boat. The shrine is ours.
The Dragon Council will meet and if Phrog is not careful he could end up as Phrog pie. That would be very tasty.
Our lawyer Nerstorica Snodgrass, shown here with her pet cactus, says we have a great case if it were to go to Court. But she doesn’t think Secret Societies should fight in Court too many secrets end up leaking out. She recommends that we get tough as we are bigger than they are.
But we are a peaceful group. We really don’t want to use force. Our lawyer attended too many wild west shows on her vacation. She forgets diplomacy is better than war.
So we have decided to give Phrog and his bunch a week to clear out of our shrine. After that the Council will meet again and this time we might listen to our lawyer.


  1. OMG Fandango...you out did yourself with this. I'm glad you are giving a week for Phrog to clear out because I'd hate to see what is going to happen if a shyster lawyer is involved. Well done and thanks for playing along :) Aloha

  2. Oh my. Another feud. When it's over maybe you can give your lawyer a nice tureen of Phrog Leg Soup.

  3. You lawyer seems quite a prickly character! I'll be looking forward to that Phrog pie recipe next week.

  4. is that how you really spell frog? i like frogs, only in pictures though they are not very pleasing in person and i don't think they taste good. but you dragons have a weird taste anyway. you like cats. great story though hope it ends well.

  5. I haven't been by to visit you in a while, and for that I apologize. When did you get the spiffy new banner? I love it! So colorful and cute. I also love that you made your comment link say "bite backs".

    The story is very interesting too. I must learn more about this Phrog secret society. :)

  6. Phrog's answer to your foolish plans will be made public at 3:00 PM CST. You know where to look - Be afraid, Be very afraid