Saturday, August 22, 2009

Raven's Challenge 77

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: blind panic, apartment, fleas, soap operas, cajun cooking, free and easy, legal, sangria, public school, new
For the mini challenge: class, calendar, keeping secrets, boring, fashion

A Mega Challenge
Pity the Teacher

A little sangria in a fancy glass
Adds just a touch of class
To my boring cajun cooking
So free and easy looking
No fleas in my apartment grand
Nor fashion either on hand
But soap operas I adore
Take me to a distant shore
Keeping secrets that will out
Blind Panic all about
Legal problems of every kind
And a guy whose almost blind
But for public school teacher me
Nothing new will ever be
My calendar always the same
That’s how I play the game
But someday I’ll find the man
Standing outside the plan
He’ll sweep me off my feet
Oh! When will we ever meet?

The Mini Challenge
Dragons in the Pot

Blind panic is not something we dragons usually enter into but this week we heard that the new Cajun cook in the public school used dragon meat in his Cajun cooking.
That would not be legal, of course, but that never stopped you humans before. You just love to eat endangered species and your very free and easy about how you interpret the law.
So we went to visit the new cook at his apartment which, by the way, has fleas. Did you know that guy watches the same soap operas as we do. He’s really not a bad chap. Over some very good sangria he assured us it was just a rumor. The school code would never allow it and the state inspector is always coming through.
We were so relieved. We aren’t good at keeping secrets and if he was cooking dragons we would have had to eat him.


  1. I think if the cook really had been eating dragons, eating him would have been the right and fair thing to do.

  2. And, if you'd had to eat him, the secret would surely have been kept! I like the teacher poem too.

  3. I'm glad you didn't eat the cook, and that the cook didn't eat you either.

  4. Who is this man standing out the plan?


  5. Glad you didn't have to eat the cook. Nice poem!

  6. Excellent poem as always (how DO you manage that each week?). I'm glad that in this case the rapacious humans were not snacking on Dragons.

  7. Is this where they got "Too Many cooks spoil the broth?" LOL. Excellent my friend.

  8. I always love how you use the words in a poem. Dragon meat doesn't sound like it's in the school boards budget, good thing It could have gotten messy If the dragons had to eat the cook. I wonder If they'll serve Dragon meat At Shelby Lynne's new School.

  9. Sounds like the cook had a narrow escape! :0

    Love the poem. :)

  10. Incredible.
    Words were invented so that you could use them and play with them at your please...