Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Words plus Two

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

Click on the blue highlighted words for definitions.

acquiesce; tadpole; & viliorate plus two others that we took from the vault at the Fortress of Dr. John -vellicle and traboccant

The owner could not acquiesce to having an older woman with a tadpole on each arm , looking like vellicles keeping her from falling, for despite her beauty it still vilorates the restaurant.

The vellicle on which the tadpole hung vilorated his freedom and certainly it did not acquiesce to such traboccant treatment.

The traboccant fungus vellicle on his face vilorated his appearance and yet he would not acquiesce to having it surgically removed by the tadpole of a Doctor..ed

The Supreme Dragon , when only a tadpole of a dragon was captured and attach to a vellicle which caused him traboccant viloration on his leg and was never acquiesced to.

.My good tadpole here would never do anything which would vilorate my good name or to which I would not acquiesce as his trabbocant concern for me is as strong as the hold of a vellicle on a key.

If you begin to use Quilly's words on your blog people will notice your traboccant intelligence .
Little tadpoles will desire to grow up speaking like you. It certainly would not in any way vilorate your reputation. But we would not use a vellicle to keep you here.
So please acquiesce to their use.


  1. First you complain that my words are too hard, and then you go and get your own to make it even harder. Dragons are certainly a weird bunch!

  2. Amazing. You guys are really good at this :-)
    And, boy! are you getting Quilly hopping ;-)

  3. Well even Quilly's three words would be too much for me so I applaud you for adding two more and using them! LOL

  4. LOL...Fandango...Quilly is getting her knickers in a wad about the words LOL I loved the stories as usual. Very well done my friend :) Aloha

  5. Such brilliant dragons. Do they ever argue over which one's usage is most correct?

  6. i wish I had as much energy as you dragons.