Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quilly Words

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.

Click on the blue highlighted words for definitions.
rogitate; solipsistic; & nequient

I will rogitate the question, “Does your stupidly solipsistic attack on Palin indicate that you are nequient in any real knowledge” , until I get an answer.

Phrog has driven us to rogiate on when this solipistic war of words will end since it seems we are nequient in the art of compromise.


Rogitate on why Quilly finds such useless words is something I do in my solipistic manner because I have always been nequient in this skill.

Being both of a solipistic manner and nequient in the art of getting to the point I rogiate the same question.

Because he lived a solipistic life and nequient in finding God he rogiated the question “WHY?” after his baby brother died.

We feel a need to warn you that if you don't begin to use Quilly's words on your blog you will discover that you are nequient in word art. This is probably because you are a solipistic person who thinks he is the center of everything. So I will rogiate the question " Will you use Quilly's words?"" Will you use Quilly's words?"" Will you use Quilly's words?"" Will you use Quilly's words?"" Will you use Quilly's words?"" Will you use Quilly's words?"
Better to use them , isn't it?


  1. lol. I liked that last part. I have to disagree about the words being useless-I mean how often is it that you come across a word you don't know out in the real world? I like the challenge-(even if the words do stink)-It just gives me more of a challenge for my writing.

  2. Yes, rogitating reminds me "are we there yet" from the back seat when kids were small.

    By the way, the dragons are such show-offs -- and Quilly is encouraging them! Goodness!

    Nice dragons...

  3. From Palin to Quilly, the Dragons are creative today, ending in a perfect soliloquy :-)

  4. LOLOLOLOL Good job dragons! Enjoyed that. :)

  5. dear dragons, i will use rogitate and nequient in my flash 55 tonight!!
    do you still think me solipsistic?

  6. Oh Fandango, you dragons are so solipsistic today. Excellent work I love the warning LOL. No. 1 this week was my favorite :)

  7. Wow, not only great individual use of the words but a threat made using them.

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  8. Fandango, your dragons are quite brilliant in their word usage and their scathing opinions of those around them.

  9. To OJM -- My words do not stink! I just stuck my nose in the word can and it smells fresh & sweet in there -- a bit like mint tea, in fact, since that's what used to live in the can!

    I can't do anything about your solopistic manner or answer your rogitation on the "why" of my finding useless words, but I will tell you that I found most of these when following a link from Dr. John. That should clear up any nequience you have in this matter.

  10. Oh yes, and I know it is very solopistic of me, but again I rogitate, "Why cannot not sign in to this comment box as myself?" I am nequient to understanding why Blogspot hates me so.

  11. i am impressed by you dragons and your eloquent use of the english language.

    but ho hum... either us human are soppy with love, or cruel when we kill another. can't win with you guys, can i, heee heee heee