Saturday, April 11, 2009

We dragons are learning that things change. Last week we had to choose between thirteen entries, this week only eleven. We hope that everyone uses the linksy and vists all the others. Reading other entries is a way to grow. Then leave a comment that will encourage or help the writer.
Today the writing was of such high quality it was very hard to decide . We narrowed it done to four . Then we called for help. Ella who is visiting and crazy object B read all four and gave us their advice. Then after much arguing we picked the best wordzzle of the day.
It is:

Born 2 Cree8 ( Alice in Bc Canada)

Congratulations Alice.


  1. WOOT...Congrats Alice...Well deserved :)

  2. Thank you, my dear dragon team, you are awesome!!

    Thank you too, Thom. Much appreciated.

  3. Wellllll... I didn't read them all, so I really can't say -- but I think I would have picked Bri's! It was SO creative!!!