Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raven's 60

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: preparation, tic-tac-toe, splurge, auction block, the bitter end, milk, papyrus, when the parade passes by, bill of lading, stone wall
Mini Challenge: polar bear, 20 seconds, get it together, spasmodic, antiquity

The dragons decided to try to write a poem like a great poet. The assumption is the original poet wanted to say the same thing but had to use Raven's words. So here is our version of Grief by Elizabeth Browning.

Perhaps Grief

with apologies to Elizabeth Browning

I tell you the bitter end is passionless
That only those bathed in the milk of despair
Half taught in antiquity, turn spasmodic in the evening air
Beat upward to God’s auction block in loud access
The tic-tac-toe of reproach. Full desertness
Polar bears as countries, lieth silent-bare
20 seconds under, the vertical eye-glare
Of the papyrus like Heavens, Deep-hearted man, express
Preparation for thy Dead in silence like to death
Most like on a stone wall statue set
When the parade passes by in woe
Till itself splurge in the dust beneath
Touch it the bill of lading is not wet
If it could weep, it could arise and go.

And our ten word challenge.

In the Club

Jason had joined the Polar Bear Club because as he put it “ I am trying to get it together”. Until that point his life had seemed spasmodic. He had jumped from one job to another . He had been a dealer of products from antiquity, a shoe salesman, an Engineer for Microsoft, and even a school teacher. But he felt that joining the club and participating in all the togetherness and brotherhood it promised he would get his life in order.
Twenty seconds after he hit the icy water he decided he was wrong.

If you would like to see a mega challenge in 55 words scroll down.


  1. Love the poem Fandango.

    The shock of icy water can dampen all the best laid plans! LMAO

  2. at least Jason had his 20 seconds!

  3. Well, dragons, you've got me sitting here laughing out loud and I always appreicate that. The last line of your 10 word challenge was delightful! Your poem was very creative. Well done.

  4. Bwahahahahaha

    20 second in that water should be enough time to convince any sane person.

  5. In the Club was great...all are excellent :)

  6. I liked the poem, and I liked the story too. I think I would have lasted a lot less than 20 seconds.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

  7. Oh, great poetry. I bow my head in respect! You should try and publish it somewhere without mentioning that it was inspired by a wordzzle. That would be a really hard nut for the literary critics to crack! ;-)

  8. " the bill of lading is not wet
    If it could weep, it could arise and go."

    the mescla of Joyce and Browning is delicious