Saturday, April 4, 2009

Now The Award

We dragons are learning that things change. Last week we had to choose between ninetten entries, this week only thirteen. Despite haveing fewer to choose from we still had new writers. We hope that everyone uses the linksy and vists all the others. Reading other entries is a way to grow. Then leave a comment that will encourage or help the writer.
Today we had a lot of sick generals. They had strokes. They banged their head in the pool. Seldom have so many generals been sick at one time.
After much discussion we narrowed our choices down to three. All of them former winners. It was hard to choose between them . Each was really good with words but a choice had to be made and today's Dragom wordzzle award goes to:

Congratulations Raven.


  1. Congratulations Raven! There are sO many good one's out there, Dragons! I don't know how you EVER decide. The voting must be a nightmare!

  2. WOOT - Congrats Raven!!! Well deserved. I too couldn't believe how many generals were sick this week...duty calls :)

  3. Well done, my dragon friends. I can see that it would be a difficult job to choose who gets your most wonderful award. It is too bad I didn't have mine up in time, that would have helped you narrow it down to one, lol. Oh well, it's up now, so you can come read it when you have time.

  4. Congrats Raven - well deserved m'dear. :)

    I don't know how you choose Dragons, it's a mammoth task you've taken on!

  5. Congratulations, Raven. Very well deserved.