Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well after you removed the false starts and Dr. John and Betty there were eleven wordzzles for us to read today. There were old faithful and some new people. As an honest dragon I have to say that we enjoyed them all.
After much discussion we narrowed our choices down to four. We then read these four out loud.
Three of them were previous winners, talent will out. Of those one seems to be writing a book, one gave us a story with a little theology and a very interesting character in it, and one gave us three stories but they flowed together nicely. The other one was by a total newcomer. His was most unusual . First his three stories made one story ( now that's not unusual) but then one of the three stories was just a sentence and that's not common, and finally he not only used all of Raven's impossible words but every one of Quilly's as well. The whole thing made sense.
We are not sure we would like to see that every week. We could get really tired of Quilly's words but today it was fresh and new.
After much discussion we finally choose for this week's wordzzle award

Congratulations Thom. Next week we will add you to our winners gallery.


  1. Thom did an excellent job and his award is most definitely deserved!

  2. WOW....thank you so much. I'm honored and humbled.I never would have thought. Quilly, thank you for helping me so much and getting me started. Dr. John, thanks for giving me the suggestion for this weeks post. Raven, thank you for hosting the meme and to all the rest of you great bloggers, who I'm grateful to and happy to call you my friends, Thank You.

    Mahalo Nui Loa

  3. What do you mean you could get tired of my words! Like I care what a pack of overgrown, apparently illiterate lizards think of my words! Especially lizards who won't even allow me to comment with my real link! Pft.

  4. Great choice - I enjoyed Thom's effort very much! Congratulations Thom. :)