Saturday, March 14, 2009


I, Fandango mightest of the little dragons welcomes you to our own blog.
Sorry we don't write wordzzles we judge them.
Dr. John got us all upset when we made one little mistake last week . He moved us from the fireplace mantle ( a place of honor) to the top of a kitchen cabinet. So we got the date on the award wrong twice . It could happen to anybody.
The punishment was just unfair.
So we are no longer asking for time on his third rate blog. We leave him to his crummy quivels.
We will award the wordzzle of the week award here.
He still can't get one because he just doesn't write well enough. Besides we still live in his house and we have to shy away from the appearance of favoritism. Then there is that horrible ballad of St. Urho he is running on Monday. That is no way to treat dragons.
Here is the award we will award today. Notice the date is right.

It will go to the person who writes the best wordzzle and who is listed in Raven's linksy by 6:00 Eastern time.
We will judge on the story content, use of the words, originality and whatever it is that excites us as dragons. Come back after 6:00 to see who won.


  1. I anxiously await the announcement of your propitious award!

  2. So sorry you have been banished. It does seem like a severe punishment and I do quarrel with your refusal to include Dr. John on the list. He writes very well.

  3. But... but... but... are you still guarding the Fortress?

  4. What is the world coming to when even Dragons are bloggers? How high tech is that?

    I suppose it's better to be virtually consumed with your fiery breath than actually consumed.

    Rave on tiny Dragons, rave on!

  5. Congratulations on having your own blog. I hope you soon smooth over the problems with Dr. John, he's a good man. I do believe that dragons do need to have their own blog without human input or interference. My dog has her own blog too. You dragons are great.