Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is time for a Quilly Story so each dragon has written a one sentence story using Quilly’s three words for the day which are :bacchante, queachy & jibber.

The teterrimous jibber jabber of the other drinkers gave the opprobrious bacchante a queachy feeling which she couldn’t shake.

The poor jibber was ridden by a nasty bacchante who paid no attention to its safety on the queachy ground but rode him full speed ahead.

The ground was still both hitonious and queachy so the bacchante decided that to
jibber was better than rushing ahead so she had another drink and then another.

In a quondam time he had been a free horse but now he was just another jibber belonging to a bacchante who when she passed out drunk expected him to take her home over the queachy sands.

He could jibber jabber if he wanted but his rich aunt the Bacchante still would expect
him and that gave him a queachy feeling in his stomach, that would not go away.


  1. Those are so great. I love your little stories. I was just thinking that I really don't know much about all of you, except for your powers of invisibility. Are you boy dragons or girl dragons or some mixture thereof. How did you come by your association with Dr. John? I was just thinking. I do that from time to time. ;)

  2. I would leave that passed out lush of a bachannte in the queachy sands, lift my tail and let out a teterrimous fart for good measure, gallop away and enjoy the rest of my day :)

  3. Five heads are better than one! These are incredible stories! I loved them all!

  4. You 5 dragons all do such a wonderful job with the very different ideas each of you have for how to use Quilly's words. If I wore a hat, it would be off to you my toasty little friends.

  5. As of yet I haven't attempted Quilly's words and look at you guys - I'm really impressed!