Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nine valid entries today. The choice was very hard. We used a different system. We read the stories out loud in groups of two and kept the one we thought best.
We continued that process until we had four blogs left. Then each dragon took a blog and read the entry out loud telling the others what he or she thought was best about that blog entry.

Then we voted.
After several rounds of voting we finally picked the best wordzzle this week.

It has humor, a suprise ending, and did all three challenges. It also made good use of pictures.

And the winner of this week's dragon award is.

Congratulations Akelamalu.
Thank you to Dr. John's grandsons for helping us poor dragons with the judging.


  1. Congratulations to Akelamalu on the win!

    I was very late getting my post up today, but finally it is up... IF you dragons have a chance, or interest, in reading a late play you can go on over any time you want to.

  2. Oh WOW Dr John, I had no idea you were judging the Wordzzles and I am so honoured to receive this award.

    Thankyou so much I will display it with pride!