Saturday, March 28, 2009

DRagon Award # 7

It is Saturday already and we have to be out reading all those wonderful stories.
Today we give out our seventh dragon award. Here is our gallery of winners.

The rules are simple.
You have to write a wordzzle and list on Raven's linksy by 6:00 Eastern Time.

Who will be the seventh one ?

Seven is supposed to be lucky so today we will be extra careful.
Perhaps we will get our first repeat.
You know we dragons write great stories too.
No! We are not humble.
Here is our mega challenge for today.

In my imagination I saw leaping over the partition the legendary highway serial killer known as the green power panther from which there is no salvation but I was safe in the poets corner with cartography book, cell phone and Big Mac nearby as I put my autograph on copy after copy of my book “ Mirror Image of Roasting Marshmallows“.

And our ten word challenge.

Never again would she be one of those caught roasting marshmallows over an open fire. No, she had in her hands the map the cartography department had made special for her showing all the areas that Global Warming was already destroying. Henry Ford had killed more people with his automobile than any serial killer and may destroy the planet but green power would undo all that. Green power Priscilla Autograph shouted at her mirror image on the partition wall. Green power will be our salvation from the highway curse. So over and over she practices screaming GREEN POWER for tonight’s rally.

Scroll down and see what we did with Quilly's words while your here.


  1. Ah, the dragons have caught the wordzzle bug. Well done guys.

  2. Gosh, I hadn't realized that you had been giving out your awards for so long! :)


    I thought I would help out the dragons.

  4. Both your stories made me laugh Fandango - I loved them! :)

  5. I loved the mega - such a concise coherent paragraph as well! I could so vision that panther leaping.

  6. I loved the last story! It may be fiction, but it mirrors much truth! Henry Ford does have a lot to answer for -- and so does whoever refined oil in the first place!

  7. This is fabulous use of all the words, the first being all 15 in one sentence. Very clever dragons. Poor Henry had not a clue what he was creating when he invented that first car. I like to think that if he did, he never would have done it.

    Hugs to all dragons. I wish we humans could fly like dragons, then we wouldn't need things like cars.