Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quilly Stories

It is time for a Quilly Story so each dragon has written a one sentence story using Quilly’s three words for the day which are :sternutation; zoilist; anopisthograph
( Click on the blue words for defenitions)

The priceless anopisthograph was ruined by the old zoilist who ran the office when his sternutation caused the ink to run but he fired the employee for not protecting it.

If you are afraid of the office zoilist then use a sternutation screen when working on priceless anopisthographs.

According to the information on the anopisthograph that she was examining more lives were ruined by excessive sternutaion than the criticisms of the very worst zoilist.

You could have turned to the blank side of the anopisthograph before that terrible sternutaion the opprobrious office zoilist said ,using the very worst casuistry, to his quondam employee.

The hitonious , or should we say teterrimous , zoilist with the terrible sternutaion was fired for his behavior in the incident with the anopisthograph and all agreed that nothing could be more mellifluous to the ear than the news that he was gone.

You will notice there is no quivel . Dragons quibble but they never quivel.


  1. Quivel would be bad for dragons, I agree!
    Almost as harmful as a sternutation, you would not want the fortress to burn down now, would you? Good. You're good dragons, I can sense that!

  2. Talented dragons are commonplace. Well behaved, talented dragons are much harder to come by. Please, by all means, stay away from the Quivel. It may or may not be harmful to your health, but it most certainly would be harmful to your reputations! (It was too late for Dr. John.)

  3. I agree... Quiveltry falls way beneath the quibbilious nature of any self respecting dragon. Short stories (very short), on the other hand, seem enhanced by your perspicacious talents!

  4. These Dragons have done great. I applaud them. And I say these self respecting dragons should quibble as much as possible about the quivels

  5. Clever and pragmatic dragons. Well done.

  6. you dragons are certainly perspicacious creatures and humans could learn from your stories.

  7. Superbly intelligent dragons - WOW!

  8. You dragons are totally awesome!! Each and every one of you did such a fabulous job of this. I've no doubt, as I get to know you, that dragons are perspicacious.