Saturday, May 30, 2009

Raven's Mighty Words

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle

This week's ten word challenge will be: parasite, meals on wheels, crows, it's my fault, everything but the kitchen sink, on sale, patriotism, the love of my life, library card, common sense
And for the mini: blackmail, California, stethoscope, postage, crank

Dragon Drivel-A Mega Challenge
While pretending to bring help and light
The government is the parasite
Everything but the kitchen sink
It takes to cover its red ink
Patriotism counts for naught
If by the tax man you get caught
Common sense has long been lost
Nobody cares about the cost
I still have my library card
They left the crab grass in the yard
In California they take that too
And it’s my fault I’m so blue?
They always crank my postage up
Next they’ll take my gold rimmed cup
Soon my house will be up for sale
Payment of government blackmail
It takes no stethoscope to know
There is no heart in laws limbo
Meals on wheels for crows we’ll be
The love of my life and little old me.

Our ten word challenge -Poor Doris
Doris Dragon had a parasite. It was feasting on her left wing and she thinks she got it from the flock of crows. She felt like she was now meals on wheels or to be more exact meals on wings. Over and over she said to , nobody in particular “ It’s my fault . Mother said stay away from crows.”
For the last three days she had tried to get rid of it by hitting it with everything but the kitchen sink. She even tried some parasite spray she had gotten on sale, but nothing worked. Unless she could get rid of it she would miss the big parade tomorrow. It wasn’t that she was unpatriotic, her patriotism was never in doubt, but with that think sucking on her wing she couldn’t fly well.
That’s when George Dragon came. George describes Doris as “the love of my life” and he hated to see her in pain. So he took Dr. John’s library card and went and read all about parasites that attack dragons. He felt that was a common sense thing to do. He discovered she had a blebellied dragon tick which had only one weakness. So he breathed fire on her wing and burned up the tick. Doris now has a slight wing burn but no parasite. She is so relieved.
Warning .Dragons in California with this parasite must travel to another state to remove it as California’s clean air laws will not allow it to be burned there.


  1. Dragons with that parasite might want to move to Hawaii's Big Island and live near the volcano -- in fact, dragons without the parasite may wish to live there, too. No one would ever notice them breathing fire!

  2. I'm so glad George came to Doris' rescue - a parasite is so annoying! :)

  3. Brava for Dora and Bravo for the poet! Wonderful!

  4. Good dragon George! Now that is a hero :)

  5. Dragons, you have outdone yourselves this week. I'm glad George came up with a remedy for Doris. Loved the poem.

  6. Amen to your poem this week Dragons and congrats on defeating the dastardly blebellied dragon tick.

  7. lol!... sorry for spreading the wee nasties! Nice little dragon tail...sorry, tale!-)

  8. Thank goodness for George. Well written Fandango :)

  9. I liked your poem and story. In the poem, it seems like a lot of bad things are happening, but hopefully some good ones are as well, though they may be less obvious. I'm glad that the dragon in the story got the tick taken care of and can now go to the parade. Ticks are bad creatures.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

  10. Doris isn't so poor with a dragon like that to love her.

    And California has some silly laws.

  11. George had the cure for Doris' ails all along.
    Dragons are amazing.

  12. Maybe a few fire breathing dragons on the White House lawn would get the government's attention.