Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quilly and nidderingt

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story. The words are niddering; amanuensis & tyro Click on a word for a definition

The tyro amanuensis was a niddering as far as taking dictation under fire was concerned..

The tyro writer swore his amanuensis to secrecy as to the content of the letter he sent to the General that everyone thought was a niddering.

As I pointed out to my amanuensis the dragon , who was clearly a tyro at flying, was still no niddering and we needed to be careful not to portray her as one.

The tyro DA was not sure if the mob amanuensis was a niddering or just wanted to come clean.

Chief Ican Gettum was no tyro detective nor did the message he received from the Mayor’s amanuensis cause him to act like a niddering.

We invite any of you tyros out there to try writing with Quilly's words. If you have a amanuensis then dictate something. But don't be a niddering. Words are fun.


  1. I am a niddering when I think of having to compete with the 5 of you in a writing competition! Grand work!

  2. Such a talented den of dragons.

  3. Five points of view...good thing they all get along, right? Much safer for everyone involved. These words were tough - good job.

  4. Fandango do all you dragsons use an amanuensis to do all your typing and filing of these wonderful tales that you all tell? Bravo yet again :)

  5. Well, you're certainly no niddering. Enjoyed the humour :-)

  6. All that niddering (or not)going on over here could give a person a complex. Not the easiest words to work with this time around so great job as usual.