Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quilly Time Again

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story. This week the words are quiddle, uxorious, and glabrous . Click on a word for the definition.

The pathetic uxorious human with the glaborus wife was known to quiddle away his time.

The dragon could not understand the uxorious glaborus human and his need to quiddle.

The glaborus dragon loved to quiddle but could never be a uxorious dragon.

“ Don’t quiddle dear” the totally glaborus lady said to her uxorious husband.

The totally uxorious man spread hair remover on his wife’s legs causing them to take on a glaborus appearance as she did nothing but quiddle.


  1. Spectacular again. 3 and 5 are my favorites.

  2. You dragons are amazing! I am always astounded by your brevity and coherence! No wonder you think my story too long!

  3. HAH! I love that each has a comment and it's short. And makes me laugh out loud. Great work!

  4. Whoof!! I see you dragons are up to your usual style here. Way to go. I didn't write this week, but Mom 'Bean did. She was on her way here when she fell asleep, so I took over fur her cuz I wanted to come visit my dragon friends anyway. BARK!