Saturday, December 5, 2009

Raven's Challenge 91

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
Words for this week's 10-word challenge are: edge, haven, sunglasses, sprightly, telling, frazzled, juicy, quartet, tied, necklace
And for the mini: bees, crackling, wooden, staple, earful

A Mega Challenge
The Beginning - An Epic Poem

This is the telling of all that we can tell
An earful of history told so well
On the edge of time when all chaos was
Came the sprightly hand of the Great Because
No haven then no wooden trees
No singing birds or buzzing bees
No quartets of juicy pride
Just crackling chaos yet not tied
In quartets of creative bursts
Came so many spectacular firsts
Land the staple once for all
Came at the Creator’s call
Sunglasses needed to observe
Or have frazzled facial nerve
Necklaces of things He made
A great and wonderful parade
And at the top when He was done
Stood the greatest greatest one
Dragon made to govern all
Answered now the Creator’s Call

The Ten Word Challenge
The Great Inventor

It is time for the telling of another dragon history lesson. This week we want to introduce you to our great dragon inventor sprightly Nicholas Haven. He had a quartet of the greatest inventions in dragon history. Of course, we are sure you already know he invented sunglasses and necklaces. The modern worlds could not survive without those two inventions. But for dragons these were minor inventions.
He also made two great cutting edge inventions that changed the dragon world forever.
First of all he invented the dragon equivalent of a GPS system. Prior to that invention dragons just hoped they were going in the right direction. Often they would aim for Hawaii and end up in England totally frazzled and fit to be tied. With his new invention, we think you call it a compass they went in the right direction. Is it any wonder we honor him.
The second great thing he invented was a way to keep dead animals from drying out. Until this invention if you wanted to save a dead animal to eat several days later you knew it would no longer be juicy. It could be eaten but it lost its taste. But Nicholas gave us the powder of juice. You sprinkled it on the animal and even two weeks later it was still juicy.
Dragons revere the memory of Nicholas who would still be with us but he invented something called a pasty. It was potatoes and meat and a very special crust. He loved them after he invented them. One day he ate one hundred and fifty of them and the gas they created in his stomach caused him to explode. There were bits of Nicolas everywhere, an explosive end to an explosive inventor.

We dragons wish to thank Argent for these wonderful words. We really appreciate that you gave us words and not phrases as phrases are much less fun.


  1. I do so enjoy reading this dragon history. And now I know who to blame my heartburn on. It seemed like a fitting way for Nicholas to die.

  2. Thanks dragon Nicholas Haven. I can't live without my sunglasses.

    Santa Cartoon Riddle

  3. I think this is perhaps your best poem ever (or of the ones I have read)... and I always enjoy Dragon history. Interesting about the compass. Who would have thought that dragons would be directionally challenged. WOnderful as always.

  4. Oh! An EPIC poem yet! You dragons DO amaze me! And thank you sO much for the history lesson. I had only heard of the famous Nicholas, but I did NOT know the whole story! And now I do! Thank you!

  5. Good poem
    The history lesson is so needed but the effect of pasty was known to St Urho.

  6. Good poem and interesting history! I guess that's why in the old days dragons used to end up in all kinds of odd places, whereas nowadays we rarely get to see you at all (except when you choose to let us)...